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NFL Picks. Week 10.

Updated on November 7, 2012

53-26 Mannnnn

Sorry- I had to cheap out a bit with my explanations this week. Lots of stuff going on, just didn't have the time.

Colts at Jaguars- Colts
Same old story Jacksonville, ya just don't cut it. Against what looks like a playoff caliber Colts team, the Jags don't have a prayer. They don't have MJD and Jennings hasn't been able to vill the void. Colts win big here.

Chargers at Buccaneers- Buccaneers.
Titans at Dolphins- Dolphins
Bills at Patriots- Patriots
Raiders at Ravens- Raiders
Broncos at Panthers- Broncos
Giants at Bengals- Giants
Lions at Vikings- Lions
Falcons at Saints- Falcons
Jets at Seahawks- Seahawks
Cowboys at Eagles- Cowboys
Rams at 49ers- 49ers
Texans at Bears- Bears
Chiefs at Steelers- Steelers


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    • DJProfessorK profile image

      Kyle Ilgenfritz 5 years ago from York, PA

      Remember that Jacksonville historically has played very well against the Colts. They defeated them in Week 3, and I expect a similar upset tonight.