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NFL Picks. Week 13.

Updated on November 29, 2012

Just crashed my car. Yayyyy.

Saints at Falcons- Falcons.
This is the game that breaks the Saints back. The Saints play very well at home, but away? Unless they're at Oakland, it gets uuuugly. If the Falcons still have any beak left, if they are still birds of prey, they'll get angry, they'll get revenge. Matt Ryan and his explosive weapons will look at the Saints pathetic secondary and line backing corps, and realize they have a shot at winning, and in doing that, ending the Saints season. Drew Brees can only do so much.

Seahawks at Bears- Bears.
Texans at Titans- Texans.
Patriots at Dolphins- Patriots.
Jaguars at Bills- Bills.
Colts at Lions- Lions.
Panthers at Chiefs- Panthers.
Vikings at Packers- Packers.
49ers at Rams- 49ers.
Cardinals at Jets- Jets.
Buccaneers at Broncos- Broncos.
Steelers at Ravens- Steelers.
Bengals at Chargers- Bengals.
Browns at Raiders- Raiders.
Eagles at Cowboys- Cowboys
Giants at Redskins- Giants


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