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NFL Picks. Week 14.

Updated on December 6, 2012

Broncos at Raiders-Broncos
The Broncos have been rolling, the Raiders have lost 5 straight, short week and Dennis Allen wasn't able to gameplan. McFadden does come back, but I doubt it'll be enough.

Chargers at Steelers- Steelers.
Big Ben is healthy, Norv has lost his team, and the Steelers defense is red hot, even sans Ike Taylor.

Cowboys at Bengals- Bengals.
The Bengals are on a bit of a streak, and need to keep winning to keep their wildcard hopes alive. The Cowboys have not played consistently enough for me to take them seriously.

Rams at Bills- Rams.
Jeff Fischer continues to improve this team, armed with a power running game and good defense. You can never trust the Buffalo Bills.

Eagles at Buccaneers- Buccaneers.
The Eagles are awful, they've completely given up on trying to win or save Andy Reid's job season, and despite an awful secondary, the offense is still very impressive, and should win what used to be a heated rivalry.

Falcons at Panthers- Falcons.
I will never pick Cam Newton to win a big game, the Falcons have had a long time to rest up and gameplan, and these same Panthers just lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ravens at Redskins- Redskins.
No Ray Lewis or Terrell Suggs? After dropping a heartbreaker to Charlie Batch? Against RG3 and his red hot running offense? I smell trouble in this battle of the beltway.

Chiefs at Browns- Chiefs.
It was great to see Kansas City get another win last week, especially after the heartbreak of the events that transpired, and ya know what? I think I'll pick them again. Brady Quinn is playing like a guy who thinks he has a job next year, and the defense is playing well. I don't trust either Browns QB to expose this KC D.

Titans at Colts-Colts
Andrew Luck and the Colts are fighting for a playoff spot, and I honestly can't remember which QB is starting for Tennessee off the top of my head. Luck is playing like a vet, and I trust him to win this game.

Jets at Jaguars- Jaguars.
The Jags have been scoring points for the last few weeks, call it match-ups, call is Chad Henne, hell if I know! But they're putting up points, and have a new pass rusher in Babin, who will be all over Mark Sanchez, who Rex is foolishly starting again.

Bears at Vikings- Bears.
Cutler is back, Forte is back, and despite dropping a home game to Seattle, they have the upper hand against Christian Ponder. Last time these two teams met, play-calling cost them the game, but AP, my MVP, can only do so much by himself.

Dolphins at 49ers- 49ers.
The 49ers hit a rough patch with a QB controversy, and maybe aren't as explosive as they used to be defensively, but unless the sprinklers come on the 9ers should win.

Saints at Giants- Giants.
The Giants need to win, and the Saints are playing for nothing but Spoiler. I always trust Eli to come up big in the games he needs to win, and this is certainly one of those.

Cardinals at Seahawks- Seahawks.
Simple- I would never pick the Cardinals, and I would never pick against the Hawks at home.

Lions at Packers- Packers.
The Packers need to win games to put some distance between themselves and the Chicago Bears in the NFC North and lock up a seed, and despite a freakish season by Calvin Johnson, the Packers will simply outscore them.

Texans at Patriots- Patriots.
The Texans have proven to be more pretender and less contender recently. The injury of Jonathan Joseph has hurt this team badly, and at Foxborough, Tom Brady wins this game big.


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