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NFL Picks. Week 15.

Updated on December 12, 2012

Bengals at Eagles- Bengals.
This Eagles team managed to pull off a win vs a good Buccaneers team. but this Bengals team needs a win to stay alive and they know it. They're more consistent and more talented.

Packers at Bears- Packers.
The Bears seemed unbeatable at the halfway point of this season, but they can't protect Jay Cutler and Clay Matthews had a field day against a much healthy Bears team. The Pack will pull away in the second to build on a big lead.

Colts at Texans- Texans.
I want to pick the Colts here. I want to pick the Colts to win out and take their first division championship since a fell named Peyton Manning was under center. But I don't think they're quite that good yet. Not that the Texans are great, I've known they were posers for a long time now, but they're good enough, especially at home.

Broncos at Ravens- Broncos.
This one should be a blowout. This Ravens team has fallen apart. The defense is beat up, they just fired their offensive coordinator, and now, Peyton Manning, who doesn't lose to the Ravens very often, are coming to town. This is just bad news for Baltimore.

Jaguars at Dolphins- Dolphins.
The Dolphins are rebuilding, and the Jaguars are declining TO that rebuilding state. Neither of these teams are very good, but Miami is just a little better.

Redskins at Browns- Redskins.
The Browns defense is very good, in fact this whole Browns team is finally making progress, only held down by coaching changes and an awful, ancient rookie QB. That rookie QB has lived in the shadow of another, a sir Robert Griffin the 3rd. The Skins need a win and, if RG3 is healthy, they should have enough firepower to outlast Trent Richardson and the Browns.

Vikings at Rams- Vikings.
The Rams are a couple seasons away from being a good team. In fact, the NFC West looks like it's a hop, skip, and 58 points away from being a very good division. However, the Vikings are a complete team, and the beast known as Adrian Peterson is playing like a man possessed. The Rams can't out-possess the Vikes with that man running up the score and down the clock.

Buccaneers at Saints- Buccaneers.
Since he did the One Direction commercial a few weeks back, Drew Brees has lost all three games and thrown 9 interceptions.

Giants at Falcons- Giants.
The Falcons are, like the Texans, a bad team with a great record. Their QB lacks leadership and the killer instinct, the runningback is aging, and the receiving corps is completely overrated. Against a Giants team who has the ability to overcome any adversity, hungry to repeat as champions and stave off hungry division rivals? Not a chance.

Seahawks at Bills- Seahawks.
I am a little smitten with this Hawks squad, it's no secret. But hey, when you're a Raiders fan, you've gotta root for somebody? Amiright? The Bills are inconsistent and irrelevant. They can't seem to build any momentum and despite an incredible pass rush from the defensive line, they can't ever keep offenses contained.

Panthers at Chargers- Panthers.
This Chargers team is broken, don't let a win over the Steelers fool you. A.J. Smith and Norv Turner are out, and this Panthers team actually has momentum. Ron Rivera knows his old players on defense, and for the sake of his job, he better Belichick a way for Cam to run wild.

Lions at Cardinals- Lions.
The Cardinals just gave up 58 points to Seattle. Calvin Johnson is coming to town. Any more questions you'd like to ask?

Chiefs at Raiders- Chiefs.
This hurts me in ways that I can't quite explain. The Chiefs? The dreadful Kansas City Chiefs? Ugh... Well... they have won a game in the last month, so they've got that going on, and they're a more talented team altogether. The Raiders are a mess all over, and I can't see the Raiders slowing down the simplicity of feeding the ball to Jamaal Charles.

Steelers at Cowboys- Cowboys.
Both of these teams are inconsistent, but the Steelers have lost 2 of their last 3 games because of turnovers. Too many turnovers. Fumbles and interceptions are for the defense to get, not the offense. I don't trust Tony Romo, but I'd rather have him than the squabble of jocks the Steelers are fielding.

49ers at Patriots- Patriots.
Every week it's the same story. I don't like Colin Kaepernick, and I don't think the Patriots will lose again this year. The 49ers are struggling, and the Pats... are the opposite. The Patriots are working for their first seed, the 9ers should be concerned for their division.

Jets at Titans- Titans.
Yawwwwwwwn. Keep reading this blog if you won't be watching this game. Exactly. Both of these teams are in that hypothetical playoff situation, and there are so many bad starters on both teams that I'm putting my faith in CJ2k.


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