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NFL Picks. Week 7.

Updated on October 17, 2012
That's not what I meant when I said "use your head"
That's not what I meant when I said "use your head"

I went 4-10 last week... 14-14 overall.

Seahawks at 49ers- 49ers.
Last week, the Niners got pummeled by the beat up Giants in a game that many, including myself, expected them to win. It wasn't even close, they were manhandled by the Giants. And this had lead many experts to jump off the bandwagon... Not this guy. In my opinion, the Niners got a little full of themselves and overestimated the ability of Alex Smith. He is a Trent Dilfer-esque game manager at best, and they tried to make him... well... Eli Manning. Meanwhile the Hawks pulled off a great upset against the Patriots... One that yours truly predicted. However... this game is being played in San Francisco... And I don't know if the Hawks will be able to bring the same effort to Candlestick. I'm seriously taking the 49ers because Alex Smith was brought back to earth, and the Seahawks don't have that dreaded 12th man.

Titans at Bills- Bills.
The Titans moved the ball extremely well last week in their upset win of the Steelers. Raised my opinion of them and awareness of their talent. However, the Bills also played like the red hot team they have the potential to be. And like the idiot that I am, I buy that team over the best version of the Titans. I don't trust Matt Hasselback or Chris Johnson, but I'm not huge on Ryan Fitzpatrick or Spiller/Jackson either. I don't like either of these teams, but I think the Bills just have enough potential to win.

Cowboys at Panthers- Cowboys.

I don't trust Cam Newton. He has explosive potential, but not in the pocket. He'll never be a Brady, a Manning, a Rodgers, or... even a Romo. The Cowboys are figuring out how to run the ball, and Dez Bryant finally played like the number one receiver we all hoped he would be. You wanna talk about QB's that throw to the other team? We've got two of em. However, the Cowboys defense is better, and Tony Romo is just dying to have a break-out win.

Ravens at Texans- Texans.

Sorry Birdland, last week you lost Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis. Suggs isn't back yet and Ngata is banged up. Your defense? Isn't gonna be the defense you expect on Sundays... Unfortunately, you're up against a pretty good offense. The last two weeks, the Ravens have given up over 400 yards on the ground. That sentence doesn't make sense when I look at it, but it's true. And this week, Arian Foster, one of the leagues best rushers is almost guaranteed to have a huge game. I don't trust Joe Flacco to come out and win, especially with early MVP favorite J.J. Watts breathing down his neck... It looks ugly you guys.

Browns at Colts- Colts.

Battle of the rookie QB's! Not much to say about this game. Like two freshman on their first date, this game promises to be awkward and inconsistent. I think the Browns have a better running game but the Colts have more potential through the air, and I think that Andrew Luck will be able to put up just enough points. I say a 3 point differential under twenty points.

Cardinals at Vikings- Vikings.

The Cardinals were never as good as their record. I never bought their hype, and they've begun to flop. you can argue that losing Kevin Kolb is what will start the landslide... But for me, that's just a scapegoat. This team played the right teams at the right time and got lucky. If the Vikings can play turnover-free, and just abuse the front seven with Adrian Peterson, they'll come out with a win.

Redskins at Giants- Giants.

This is a game that I am not completely sure I picked correctly. RG3 has played extremely well, despite his toughness being questioned. Did you see that run last week? Insanity. The Giants defense is beat up, especially in the secondary, so the pieces are there for a shoot-out. But.. RG3 is very young, and he'll have to dodge an incredible pass rush, while finding the holes in the secondary. And in said shootout, I trust Eli to make the right throws and win the game, like he always does.

Packers at
Rams- Packers.
All season, I have talked up Jeff Fischer, and what he is doing in St. Louis. It has been impressive. You know what else is impressive? Six passing touchdowns in one game. I don't think that the Rams have the defense to keep up. The Rams will try to run and chip away at the the Packers defense, but the pass rush should keep Bradford in check, and Aaron Rodgers should have a big game.

Saints at Buccaneers- Buccaneers.
This is the game where we find out exactly how good Josh Freeman is. The Saints defense is terrible. Terrrrible. And the Saints can't seem to get a running game going. The Bucs have a decent secondary, they will have a chance to score points and keep Drew Brees at bay. If Freeman can get the ball to Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams, the Bucs can really test out that cannon and come away with a win.

Jets at Patriots- Patriots. (My Lock)

Rex Ryan, as well as many experts, felt as if the Jets turned a corner in their beat down of the Indianapolis Colts last week. I disagree. I feel as if they met a young, flat ball club at the right time. If the Jets can pull of this win, they'll have a game and half over the Patriots, as well as the rest of the AFC East, and prove me wrong, but... I don't trust the offensive line, or any of the receivers enough to go score for score with Brady, and I don't think the Jets have the defensive talent to pressure or cover the offense. Patriots win big here. My lock of the week.

Jaguars at Raiders- Raiders.
This is a real treat for me. The Raiders are playing a team so bad that I actually get to pick them. Thank. You. Jeebus. The Raiders looked very much improved against the 6-0 Falcons last week. They showed speed and awareness on defense as well as renewed chemistry between Palmer and Moore, and effective runs by McFadden. The Jags however can't even run, which is their only strength. If the Raiders secondary can have the most average of games against Blaine Gabbert, they should be able to win their second straight home game.

Steelers at Bengals- Bengals.

Lions at Bears- Bears.
The Lions had a big game last week, beating the turnover friendly Eagles, but they still haven't discovered a consistent ground game. Meanwhile the Bears are coming off of a bye, and are playing football as well as any team in the league. Great defense, and an offense with a lot of potential to put up points, including a good pair of power backs to run out the clock.


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    • profile image

      annie gelderman 5 years ago

      Nice picks! Strong analysis. Where's the justification for the Bengals/Steelers pick though?