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NFL Picks. Week 8.

Updated on October 23, 2012
Anyone know who this tough guy is?
Anyone know who this tough guy is?

10-3 again. Uh huh. Who looks good now? 24-17

Buccaneers at Vikings- Vikings.
The Bucs were able to take advantage of an awful Saints defense last week, putting up big numbers through the air and on the ground. But yet again, Freeman wasn't able to finish and they came up short. Ya know, somewhere down the road, I can see this Bucs team actually being pretty good. But... Not this year. They might have more offensive firepower, but I really like the safe, conservative style of football that the Vikings play. They aren't gonna put up a lot of points, but they will pressure the QB, and pound the rock. Adrian Peterson is getting better every week and is almost back to form, ready to claim his title as the best pure back in the NFL.

Dolphins at Jets- Dolphins.
The Jets... Those damn New York Jets. I never know what to do with them. I want to like them, I want to hate them. I want Sanchez to get more help, I want him to change careers. I always hate Tebow. Last week, they played very well against the Patriots. The defense was solid, proving they can adjust without the all-pro Darelle Revis. But honestly? They've gotta do something about the offense, and it ISN'T bench Mark Sanchez. There is a future hall of fame WR named Terrell Owens who would love to catch some passes. What about Chad Ochocinco? Lee Evans knows the division? Give Mark some weapons other than Dustin Keller! And give more carries to McKnight! Regardless. They're a mess on offense, and they don't match up to what's going on in Miami. Miami is playing solid defense, and they should have won the first time around. I trust Ryan Tannehill and Reggie Bush over any version of the current Jets roster.

Chargers at Browns- Chargers. (My Lock)
Come on. I really have to explain this? The Chargers are coming off of a bye. They have all the potential in... Well, they aren't that great, but they're a hell of a lot better than the awkward Cleveland Browns, who couldn't even beat the Indianapolis Colts. Take away Trent Richardson? Forget about it.

Colts at Titans- Titans.
I don't think I have taken the Titans yet this year... But the last two weeks, they've come up with wins. They've finally gotten Chris Johnson going, Matt Hasselbeck is doing just enough to win games, and the defense is playing... well enough. They're winning games. The Colts are missing some pieces. They were able to squeak by the Browns last week, but just squeak. I think the Titans have something the Colts don't, and that is momentum. They're a hot team right now. I'm running with my gut.

Jaguars at Packers- Packers.
The Jags are terrible with the original 53. But you take away Blaine Gabbert and far more seriously, Maurice Jones-Drew? I would be shocked if they beat anybody coming up. And they're going against the Packers? Who are on fire? COME ON MAN. Seriously. A lot of blowouts this week.

Falcons at Eagles- Eagles.
Shocked? Surprised that I would pick the Eagles, who I trash constantly and mock, over the only undefeated team in the NFL? Yes. You know why? Juan Castillo is out, the Eagles have had two weeks to plan for the Falcons. I don't think Atlanta can handle a truly explosive team, I mean they barely beat my Raiders. They're due a lost, and nobody loves the game after a bye like a mister Andy Reid.

Redskins at Steelers- Redskins.
The Steelers came back and beat the Bengals... But I'm not sure the Bengals aren't more to blame than Pittsburgh. I feel like they blew that game and this is still the Pittsburgh that lost to the Raiders and Titans. RG3 is playing extremely well and I think they can go into Pittsburgh and surprise people.

Seahawks at Lions- Seahawks.
I just don't trust the Lions. They can't run, they don't really have any other options, Suh is good for a penalty or two. The Seahawks are a more balanced team. I'll take it.

Panthers at Bears- Bears.
The bears are one of the most dominant teams in the NFL, especially defensively. Cam has proven that he can't anticipate when a target gets open, so unless the WRs are standing still or running free, he won't make anything happen, and Lance Briggs is a turnover machine.

Raiders at Chiefs- Raiders.
Despite an awful showing against a beat up Jags team, I think the Raiders can sneak past Kansas City. The Chiefs are the worst team in the NFL, and now they're starting Brady Quinn? The only thing that KC has going for them is that the Raiders struggle against outside runners (See: Reggie Bush) and they have one of the best in Jamaal Charles. They need to exploit that weakness if they want to win, but if it becomes a shootout, the Raiders have a better passing attack.

Giants at Cowboys- Giants.
Again? So soon? It seems like just yesterday the Cowboys looked so dominant in the season opener win over the Giants. Well... As much as this is going to irritate my girlfriend in her custom 94 Jersey, I've gotta pick New York. Eli has played very well, the pas rush is fantastic, and the secondary is much better than the opener. Meanwhile the Boys are struggling to finish games, they're struggling to put up points, they are just struggling, period. I think the Giants just outplay the Boys.

Patriots at Rams- Patriots.
As I've said all year, I like where the Rams are going. Jef Fischer is making all the right moves. However, the Patriots will just overwhelm the Rams. They outscheme the Rams here and Brady picks the defense apart.

Saints at Broncos- Broncos.
This actually looks to be one of the best match-ups. A few storylines. Manning vs the Saints for the first time since the 09 super bowl. Joe Vitt returns as interim head coach, Both teams trying to get back on their horse. Listen. Here's what I see in this game. Two great quarterbacks, two fun offenses. annnnnd one awful defense. Seriously. Manning is going to have a field day. The Saints could barely stop Josh Freeman!! It'll be a shootout, but honestly the Broncos only need two stops to win.

49ers at Cardinals- 49ers.
This is a no-brainer. The Cardinals 4-0 start was a fluke (as I predicted) and the Niners look to be one of the best teams in in NFC. Considering the Cards still don't have Kolb, it doesn't look like this will be a match-up worth watching, and is completely a waste of a primetime slot.


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