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NFL Picks. Week 9.

Updated on October 31, 2012


Chiefs at Chargers- Chargers.
Kansas City looked pretty bad against Oakland Sunday afternoon. They couldn't get Jamaal Charles running against a shaky run defense, and the struggling Darren McFadden managed to get over 100 yards rushing. Corner Stanford Routt couldn't handle Denarius Moore or Darrius Heyward-Bey and other than an early interception, was useless. Now the Chargers didn't fare much better, getting beat by a pitiful Browns team, but they have more potential than Kansas City. Primarily, a good Quarterback. Quinn and Castle sounds like a bad pop group. I think the Chargers can score a few more points than the Chiefs can... Barring another freaky fumble incident like last halloween.

Cardinals at Packers- Packers.

The Packers, if beat up, are still an elite team. The Cardinals? Are not. They still don't have a Quarterback. Their front four is still vastly overrated. I don't see them doing anything! Aaron Rodgers can make the plays that he has to, with the talent he has, and I have faith in him to win this game.

Lions at Jaguars- Lions.

The Jags are actually almost sortof kinda an okay team under the right circumstances. They played very well against a beat up Packers squad, almost coming away with a win. But... They didn't. The Lions finally managed to get some offensive friction in a comeback win against the Hawks last week. The Jags just aren't good enough to take advantage of Detroits weaknesses.

Bears at Titans- Bears. (My Lock- Sorry about last week)

Despite how surprisingly well the Titans have played, the Bears are still my Super Bowl team. Their offensive line of the Titans can't handle the Bears defense and the Titans can't handle the Bears offense, period. This just happens to be my lock.

Broncos at Bengals- Broncos.

After dismantling the Saints, the overrated Bengals shouldn't be a problem. Denver is looking to lock up the AFC West as early as possible and Peyton is getting closer and closer to 2008 MVP form. The Bengals couldn't handle the Browns. The Browns for Jim Brown's sake. This is an easy win.

Panthers at Redskins- Redskins.

A battle of young mobile QBs in Washington. The ROTY favorite RG3 has played his gameplan extremely well and Cam has suffered through a sophomore slump. I think the Skins are a better overall team and the Panthers are already playing for next year.

Ravens at Browns- Ravens.

Despite two wins and the semi-competitive nature of the last three games, the Browns are still not a contender. The Ravens have some defensive issues, to say the least, but they do have enough offensive firepower to defeat Cleveland. Hopefully they've gameplanned over the bye week since they were massacred by Houston.

Dolphins at Colts- Dolphins.

The Dolphins and Colts are both young teams. Both teams feature first year head coaches as well as a rookie QB. While the Colts look like a better team long term, the Dolphins are more complete Better running game, more agressive offensive line, more complete defense. I pick Miami because Andrew Luck will have to do more work than Ryan Tannehill.

Bills at Texans- Texans.

The Texans are the most complete team in the AFC, and the Bills... Are one of the most incomplete teams in the NFL. Their QB is inconsistent, the runningbacks aren't game changers, the receivers can't get separation. And the defense? Despite being worth 100 million dollars, they can't stop anyone. This is an easy pick.

Vikings at Seahawks- Seahawks.

The reason I'm picking the Seahawks is simple. They're a good team playing another good team... In Seattle. The best home field advantage in the NFL has taken wins over the Cowboys, Packers, and Patriots. How does Christian Ponder match up against a Romo, Brady, or Rodgers?

Buccaneers at Raiders- Buccaneers.

I wanted to pick my Raiders sooooo bad here. I wanted to say Palmer is getting hot, the Raiders have contained the run well over the last two games, and hey! McFadden got over 100 yards rushing... But the Bucs have been hot over the last couple games. They're moving the ball well and previously had competed well against good teams. The Raiders barely two awful teams over the last two weeks, and I don't know if they have the secondary to contain Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, and Dallas Clark while stopping the run.

Steelers at Giants- Giants.

The Steelers are still beat up and inconsistent and the Giants look like one of the best teams in the NFL. Eli is playing extremely well at the moment, like MVP well. They're getting healthy at the right time and I think the Steelers don't have the proper chemistry.

Cowboys at Falcons- Falcons.
This game actually figures to be really fun. The Cowboys came inches. INCHES. From beating their old rival, the New York Giants. Meanwhile, the Falcons are the NFL's only undefeated team, and while that figures to be a sign of a good team, it also puts a target on their back and makes them vunerable. I'm picking the Falcons because the Cowboys haven't been able to finish games and Romo has been unreliable.

Eagles at Saints- Eagles.
Despite the cries of the media and Eagles faithful, Michael Vick get to be the Eagles starting QB for one more week. And fortunately for him, he's playing the Saints defense. Or lack thereof. If you've watch a Saints game recently, you know the story. Drew Brees flings the ball around, and the defense allows ants to score touchdowns. The Eagles will lose this game if they turn the ball over, however likely that may seem, I still think they score enough points.


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    • profile image

      annie gelderman 5 years ago

      Why, why, oh why do you keep picking the Eagles?? They are the team their feckless fans deserve. And they are not helping your pick score.