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NFL Week 15 Recap--My Predictions

Updated on December 22, 2015

Randal Bruce vs ESPN

Randal finished Week 15 at 9-7. Not great, but I'll take it. The leader at ESPN this week is Ron Jaworski at 13-3. I tied with the guys who finished the worst this week. Wickersham and Jackson were both 9-7. It was a big week for almost everyone there. Overall, I'm 122-102. I can live with that. My picks were before the season and they are doing week to week. I can't be too angry, but I'm a little bitter. I won't lie. The ESPN overall leader is still Chris Mortensen at 146-78. He's killing it. I'm trailing Eric Allen. He is in last place at ESPN. He's 127-97. My goal is to at least beat him in these last 2 weeks. Sometimes you have to adjust on the fly.

You can see my picks below. There is a link that will lead you to my division by division breakdown and picks and the next link will lead you to ESPN's.

My picks are in bold on the away and home columns.

The Rams win their possible farewell game in St. Louis over the Bucs.

The Rams are trying to finish strong after another disappointing season. The one bright spot on this team is rookie RB Todd Gurley. Gurley went over 1000 yards for the season in this game. He gives this offense a reliable weapon if it could ever solve it's QB problem. I said before the season, I didn't think Jeff Fisher was the right guy for this team and I still believe it. They have enough talent to compete and with a better head coach and stable QB this team could do some damage. It's time to move on. This was another tough loss for the Bucs. I think they have played hard and overachieve this year. They will be a team to watch out for next season. Rookie QB Jameis Winston has developed nicely and looks to have solved their QB woes. Now they just need to keep continuing to build this team. I think Lovie's doing a solid job and this team keeps improving. They just aren't there yet.

Final Score: Rams 31-Buccaneers 23

I picked the Rams because I thought they had more talent and were at home.

The Jets continue to fight for a playoff spot while burying the Cowboys chance in Dallas

The Cowboys horrific season continues. They are now on their 4th QB. That's how poorly they chose at the backup situation. No one could have seen Romo having 2 major injuries in one season. The Cowboys have enough talent to compete without Romo the problem is their coaching staff. Mainly Jason Garrett. His true colors were shown without Romo. He couldn't adjust and make proper changes based on the personnel he had. He is not alone in the blame. Jerry Jones deserves his share as well for his constant meddling. I think they could have won games with Brandon Weedon IF they would have adjusted the offense to fit his skill set. That's crazy, I know. He is a back up and he plays his best in a shotgun/ pistol offense he ran in college. That's not foreign to the players they have on this team. Weedon, Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and several of the lineman all played in systems like that in college. He can't run the offense Romo does. No one can run the super conservative offense they tried to run that just exposed their back ups like Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore. I am so stupid for thinking after a great season in 2014 that the Cowboys would have figured it out in 2015. Dummy! I picked them to go to the Super Bowl and lose. Ugh. The one time I take a chance on this team. Oh well couldn't have seen Romo's injury coming. That's how important he is to this team folks.

Now let's talk about the best team in this game. The Jets. So many people thought Todd Bowles was the wrong man for this job. Not me. I thought it was criminal that he had to wait this long to get a head coaching job. There is a Jets fan the works at ESPN that does Sports Center and she was upset that the Jets didn't hire Dan Quinn. Well are you happy now? Todd Bowles has elevated the Jets and Dan Quinn has managed to ruin a solid QB. He's done it with a QB that's been average his whole career and managed to get him to elevate his game to look like a solid starter/ place holder for their future QB. They are overachieving in my book and look like a solid contender that has something to build on for the future. Kudos to Todd Bowles. I don't think anyone saw this coming and he and the front office deserve a lot of credit. This game was painful and the Jets played like a team fighting for their playoff spot and got the win any way they could.

Final Score: Jets 19-Cowboys 16

I picked the Cowboys before the season because I thought they would be one of the better teams in the league and defend their home field.

Weedon steps in relief again just in a different jersey to help the Texans over the Colts

Brandon Weedon comes in relief and shows how foolish Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett were to pin those Cowboy loses to him. The Texans have a better coaching staff and were able to make the most out of his talent in short notice. They did it during one of the biggest games of the season for this team. They are now in sole possession of the AFC South. It's theirs to lose. Their defense led the charge and shut down the Colts offense. They held them under 200 yards of total offense. It's been a rough season for the Colts, they were a lot of experts Super Bowl pick. They are out of it, but this loss cost them control of their destiny. They'll need a lot of Luck. Sorry, but I had to do it.

Final Score: Texans 16-Colts 13

I picked the Colts before the season because they don't lose AFC South games. They have now lost 2 in a row.

Vikings destroy rival Bears at home

Tedy, Tedy, Tedy is what the Vikings fans were chanting during the game and rightfully so. He was amazing. 5 total TD's. 4 passing and 1 rushing. Tedy was the man. The Vikings are on their way to the playoffs. It's not set in stone, but they are in control. The question is will they be division champs or a wild card team? The Bears are going to have some questions at the off season. Is Jay Cutler their QB? Will they keep Matt Forte?

Final Score: Vikings 38-Bears 17

I picked the Vikings because I thought they would be better at this point in the season than the Bears.

The Patriots get a easy win over the Titans

This game wasn't close and the score makes it look closer than it was. The Patriots took care of business. This game felt like a scrimmage for the Patriots. They needed a game like this to get some space and put a hold on home field advantage. The Titans watched their franchise QB Marcus Mariota get hurt. That hurts because this time is a valuable learning experience for him. There will be many changes in Tennessee and they need it. So much work to be done there.

Final Score: Patriots 33-Titans 16

I picked the Patriots because they were easily the better team.

The Panthers stay perfect with a thrilling win over the Giants

The Panthers almost let this game slip away, but Cam Newton wouldn't allow it to happen. They can give the MVP award to him now. He showed you a great performance with 5 TD passes. Then, with the game tied and needing a game winning drive he delivered. The guy is money and deserves a lot of credit. He passed for 340 yards and rushed for 100. That's insane folks. He is the ultimate weapon. Eli Manning tried to keep the Giants hopes alive with 4 TD passes and rallying his team after being down 28. This game was very chippy between Josh Normand and Odell Beckham Jr,. Beckham should have been thrown out of the game after taking a head shot at Norman. The Panthers get a clutch kick from Graham Gano and the Giants may have seen their season derailed. They still have a shot, but it's as slim as it can get.

Final Score: Panthers 38-Giants 35

I picked the Panthers because I thought they would be able to steal one on the road.

The Redskins keep their hold on the NFC East by beating the Bills

The Fed Ex crowd liked that Kirk Cousins, as they shouted his catch phrase while the Redskins won back to back games for the 1st time this season. Cousins was magnificent by passing for 4 TD's and running for one. He passed for 319 yards. His topped target was in full swing. DeSean Jackson was in the flow of the offense and electrifying. He had 6 catches for 153 yards, including a 77 yard catch and run for a TD. The Redskins are rolling at the right time and have a hold on the lead in the NFC East. They control their own destiny by winning the last 2 games of the season. The Bills, however, missed too many chances down the stretch, but they have weapons. We'll have to see if they can build on what they have. Unfortunately for Bills fans they'll have to wait for another season and the thought of that is painful for them.

Final Score: Redskins 35-Bills 25

I picked the Redskins because they were at home.

The Falcons end their 6 game losing streak by taking care of the Jaguars on the road

The Falcons stop their 6 game slide. It's a little too late, but at least they found a way. This season will go down as a missed opportunity just like last season. Last year all they had to do was win a home game against the Panthers in the last game of the season. They got killed. This year they started 5-0 and thought the season was over and threw up all over themselves. I still think you'd have to take a look at this coaching staff, mainly Kyle Shanahan at the end of the season. The Jags should equally be ashamed. They had a shot at this division and blew it. I just don't get why people still think Gus Bradley is the guy. I think they have potential and should try to find another coach to get them to the next level. If they don't, they'll be more of the same, disappointment.

Final Score: Falcons 23-Jaguars 17

I picked the Jaguars because I thought the Falcons would blow a game they could win. They have a history of this.

The Chiefs win their 8th in a row over a struggling Ravens team

The Chiefs are hot, folks. They've won 8 in a row. They rolled into Baltimore and delivered a beat down to a broken team. The Chiefs are streaking at the right time and have a shot at winning their division and getting a home playoff game. Amazing! They were 1-5 and left for dead. Andy Reid has done an amazing job getting this team back on track. I don't think they can go far in the playoffs, but who truly knows. It's been a wacky season and maybe, just maybe, they make a run. The Ravens need to re-group and they have a stable front office that knows how to get this thing back on track in a hurry.

Final Score: Chiefs 34-Ravens 14

I picked the Ravens before the season because I thought they would be better and would be tough to beat at home.

The Packers get an ugly win over the Raiders

The Packers continue to win ugly, but they don't look good going down the stretch. They are in control in the NFC North but there is cause for concern. With that said, they still have Aaron Rodgers and he can get hot in a moments notice. Julius Peppers was the stand out performer for the Packers with 2.5 sacks and constant pressure on Carr. The Raiders have fought hard this season and have many bright spots for the future. David Carr looks like a star in the making. Amari Cooper is worth the price of admission. He went over 1000 yards for the season and had a big game in a loss with 6 catches for 120 yards and 2 TD's. Cooper is the 1st Raiders rookie with 1000 yards receiving in their history. The future is bright for the Raiders and they need to continue what they are doing. Jack Del Rio has done a solid job in his 1st year there. They are no longer a laughing stock. This year they are a tough out. Next year, who knows.

Final Score: Packers 30-Raiders 20

I picked the Packers because they are far superior in all phases.

The Seahawks return to the playoffs with a win over the Browns

The Seahawks have won 5 in a row and Russell Wilson has been on fire. He tossed 3 TD's in this easy win over the Browns. WR Jermaine Kearse had a big game with 7 catches for 110 yards and Doug Baldwin caught 2 TD's. The Seahawks didn't break a sweat. The Browns are going nowhere fast and Mike Pettine is leading them there. The Browns need a complete overhaul starting at the top with the owner. The Seahawks are heading back to the playoffs and looking dangerous.

Final Score: Seahawks 30-Browns 13

I picked the Seahawks because they were at home.

The Steelers rally from 17 down to beat the Broncos

Big win for the Steelers and a tough loss for the Broncos. The Steelers need every win, they can get to stay in this ultra competitive AFC playoff race. They had to rally from 17 down to win this game. The WRs for the Steelers came up big. Antonio Brown had 16 catches for 189 yards and 2 TD's. It seems like he puts up these crazy numbers every week. He puts up video game stats. Wow! Martavis Bryant hauled in 10 catches as well. It was a tough road loss for Denver especially after being up 17. I know everyone wants to be down on Osweiler after this loss. I think they should ride it out with him. He's a better fit right now. If they lose next week to the Bengals then we can talk about Peyton.

Final Score: Steelers 34-Broncos 27

I picked the Broncos because I thought they could steal one on the road.

The Chargers win possibly their final game in San Diego over the Dolphins

There really isn't much to say about this game. You have 2 teams going nowhere. There aren't many bright spots and there looks to be many changes coming on both sides. We aren't sure for the Chargers it's just an assumption, but we know the Dolphins will have a lot of changes. They have already started. With all that said Danny Woodhead had a big game scoring 4 TD's. He had 3 receiving and 1 rushing.

Final Score: Chargers 30-Dolphins 14

I picked the Dolphins because this game felt like a toss up before the season.

The Bengals beat the 49ers in A.J. McCarron's first start

A.J. McCarron gets his 1st NFL win and now the Bengals hope that he can build on it. He has a lot of talent around him just like he did in Alabama. All he has to do is not make mistakes and make enough plays when it counts and this team will be in good shape. If he wins a playoff game is there a QB controversy in Cincy. Of course not, but the chatter will be really loud. The 49ers have a lot of work to do in the off season. Rumor is they may be for sale. That may be the best thing that can happen to this fan base because the current ownership sucks.

Final Score: Bengals 24-49ers 14

I picked the Bengals because the 49ers coaching staff is laughable.

The Cardinals win the NFC West with an East coast prime time win over the Eagles

The Cardinals win the NFC West on the road. Their ascension continues. If Cam Newton wasn't playing out of his mind this year, Carson Palmer would be the MVP. Palmer is having a great year and I still believe the sky is the limit if he stays healthy. They had a little scare with his injured finger, but he looked ok. The Honey Badger's injury looked scary and you hope he's ok. It was a good sign that he walked off. Looks like he's not. He's going to be out for the year with an ACL injury. Tough break for him and this team. Rookie RB David Johnson was huge in this game. He rushed for 187 yards and 3 TD's. The Cardinals seem to be loaded with weapons. The Eagles took a step back with this loss, but can control their destiny with a win over the Redskins next week. They'll have to regroup fast after taking this one on the chin.

Final Score: Eagles 40-Cardinals 17

I picked the Cardinals because they seem to own the Eagles.

The Lions get a tough road win over the Saints

It's nice to see these 2 teams battle it out in a meaningless game. You usually don't see this kind of fight in teams going nowhere. Both teams are having disappointing seasons. I picked the Lions to go 10-6 and make the playoffs as a wild card team. I was way off on that one. I thought the Saints would be better as well. I thought they would be 9-7 but would miss the playoffs again. Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees battled it out with both QB's passing for 3 TD's each. Both teams are currently 5-9 and could look completely different next season.

Final Score: Lions 35-Saints 27

I picked the Saints because they are usually tough at home.


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