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NFL Week 4 Recap--My Predictions

Updated on October 12, 2015

Randal Bruce vs ESPN

I'm back and on a roll again. I finished Week 4 at 11-4. Two strong weeks to make up for that awful Week 2. I'm in the groove. The only person at ESPN to beat me was Chris Mortensen. Mort finished 14-1. That's impressive. I'm still fighting. They're the experts, but I'm gaining ground. I won't quit folks. Tom Jackson is the leader at ESPN with an overall record of 43-20. There are 4 more of their 13 analysts ahead of me. That's why they are the experts, but Randal's gaining ground every week. My overall record is now 39-24. That's pretty awesome at this point and I hope to build on this momentum going forward. You can see my picks below. There is a link that will lead you to my division by division breakdown and picks and the next link will lead you to ESPN's.

Randal's Picks

My picks are in bold on the away and home columns.

Ravens rally to beat Steelers on the road in OT

The Ravens rally late to beat the Steelers on the road. The Steelers just aren't the same without Big Ben. You have to tip your hat to the Ravens. Their season was on life support in the second half. They were down 20-7 and they just kept fighting.

Final Score: Ravens 23-Steelers 20

I picked the Steelers because I thought they be too tough at home. When I picked them Big Ben was healthy. I've said it over and over I will not change my picks that I put in before the season.

Jets beat Dolphins in London

The Jets continue to exceed my expectations. The Dolphins continue to do exactly what I expect them to, underachieve. Chris Ivory and Brandon Marshall were a two man wrecking crew on offense. Ivory ran for 166 yards and a TD. Marshall had 7 catches for 128 yards. The Jets offensive line set the tone. They didn't allow a sack and their RB's had lanes all over the field. Todd Bowles defense continues to impress. They held the Dolphins to 226 yards. They sacked Ryan Tannehill 3 times and picked him off twice. I thought they would have fired Philbin after the season but the Dolphins decided to after this game.

Final Score: Jets 27-Dolphins 14

I picked the Dolphins because I thought the Jets would be awful in Todd Bowles first year. I was totally wrong.

Falcons destory the Texans

The Falcons look good early. I was hard on this coaching staff before the season. I still wait for them to fall apart, but they look great early. The Texans are extremely disappointing after a surprising 2014 season. This game was over early. The Texans poor QB play is killing them.

Final Score: Falcons 48-Texans 21

I picked the Falcons because I thought they'd have too much offense for the Texans. Who knew their defense would be the star.

Giants beat the Bills in a defensive struggle

This was a defensive game. It was ugly to watch, but the Giants have righted the ship. This is when they are dangerous. They've won 2 in a row. They should be 4-0 and they know it. They are going to be tough going forward. The Bills are proving that they will be a battle every game. The Bills are a work in progress and maybe the Giants have figured it out.

Final Score Bills 24-Giants 10

I picked the Giants because they just seem to always beat the Bills. Its that simple.

The Bears find a way to beat the Raiders at home

It was a very defensive week. The Bears held the Raiders to just 243 yards. Just when you thought the Raiders figured it out they fall back to earth with a bad loss to the Bears.

Final Score Bears 22-Raiders 20

I picked the Raiders because I liked their QB more. He did not deliver.

Bengals continue rolling and the Chiefs were their latest victim

Andy Dalton is happy to have healthy weapons. He has been slinging the ball around more often. He threw for 321 yards and a TD. Alex Smith tried to keep up with 386 yards passing. He is happy to have a weapon in Jeremy Maclin. Maclin had 11 catches for 148 yards, but it wasn't enough. The Bengals look good early.

Final Score: Bengals 36-Chiefs 21

I chose the Bengals because on paper they were the better team and they proved it.

Colts survive in OT against the Jaguars

No Andrew Luck, No problem. The Colts win AFC North games. They just do since Andrew Luck showed up. He just has to be on the roster and they beat these teams. The Colts have won 2 in a row and are tied for 1st in this bad division. I think it's safe to say the Colts have it in the bag.

Final Score: Colts 16-Jaguars 13

I picked the Colts because they own the AFC South.

The Panthers handle the Buccaneers

People don't believe in the Panthers. I don't get it. They just win ugly. They find ways to pull games out. They have a star QB in Cam Newton. He gets overlooked, but he just finds a way to pull games out. People need to stop sleeping on this team.

Final Score: Panthers 37-Buccaneers 23

I picked the Panthers because I believe they are the best team in their division.

Redskins win divisional game against the Eagles

The Eagles are in trouble. Chip Kelly got everything he wanted and is failing miserably. The Redskins found a way to win a close game. I wouldn't put too much on this game because this division isn't good. Both teams could go either way down the road, but the Redskins future looks brighter right now. That should scare the hell out of Eagles fans.

Final Score: Redskins 23-Eagles 20

I picked the Redskins because they beat the Eagles at home last year. I just had a feeling and it paid off.

Late field goal helps Chargers move past Browns

Phillip Rivers out dueled Josh McCown to lead the Chargers to the win. I don't think anyone is shocked by that at all. Well, maybe that it was close. Rivers passed for 358 yards and 3 TD's. The Chargers needed this win to keep pace with the 4-0 Broncos. They also needed to bounce back from two bad losses.

Final Score Chargers 30-Browns 27

I pick the Chargers based on the fact that they are a better team than the Browns.

The Broncos defense steps up again in the clutch to take down the Vikings

The Broncos defense keeps coming up big in late game situations. They sacked and stripped Tedy Bridgewater to save the game. They just seem to be flying around him all game. The Denver defense sacked Bridgewater 7 times. They have a good game plan. They aren't asking too much of Peyton Manning early and are establishing balance. Peyton is still delivering late in games and the defense is shutting the door at the crucial moment. It looks like a 3 team race in the AFC with the Patriots, Bengals and Broncos.

Final Score: Broncos 23-Vikings 20

I picked the Broncos because they are balanced on both sides of the ball. I think the Vikings are getting there but may be a year away.

The Rams are great when they they play the AFC West, they just can't beat anyone else. I thought the Cardinals were going to be a tough team to play, but losing this game makes me question it. It's only one game, but it's a game they should have won easily. I'm not a fan of Jeff Fisher but he had them ready to play. The Rams needed this game and they pulled it out. Rookie RB Todd Gurley lived up to the billing. He rushed for 146 yards.

Final Score: Rams 24-Cardinals 22

I picked the Cardinals because I like Bruce Arians and dislike Jeff Fisher. Fisher won this round and deserves a lot of credit.

Rodgers leads the Packers past the 49ers

The Packers are really good and The 49ers are really bad. It's just that simple. I bet the 49ers wish they still had Jim Harbaugh now. Maybe now the 49ers front office wishes they could have made it work. Oh well. You wanted a player friendly coach and you got him and the results are terrible. The Packers defense held the 49ers to just 196 yards of total offense. I'm amazed they gained that much. It didn't seem like it watching the game. They sacked Kaepernick, 6 times and picked him off once. It's going to be a long year in San Fran.

Final Score: Packers 17-49ers 3

I picked the Packers because they have Aaron Rodgers and the 49ers are heading for a shot at the top pick in the draft.

The Saints defeat the Cowboys in dramatic fashion in OT

The Saints desperately needed a win. Drew Brees desperately needed to prove he was still a top QB. They both came through in the end. It was against a team that is getting hit hard by the injury bug, but still a big win no matter what. Brees threw for 359 yards and 2 TD's. The last came in overtime to win the game. It just so happens that the game winner was his 400th. It gave the Saints the win and put Brees in the record books. The game winner was a dramatic 80 yard TD pass and it put Brees 5th all time in TD passes. That last pass was his 5000th completion which is 3rd best of all time. So much drama with a one win team. The Cowboys are going to have to figure out how to close out games without Tony Romo. They get back pass rusher Greg Hardy and linebacker Rolando McClain next week. They are hoping they add the needed punch the defense could use to finish games.

Final Score: Saints 26-Dallas 20

I picked the Saints because they were at home and they play the Cowboys well there.

The Seahawks secure a win over the Lions with controversial finsh

Before the season, I thought Earl Thomas was the most important player on this team. After Kam Chancellor's holdout, I realized he was the most important player. Kam returned to the team and they started winning games. It's that simple. This defense wasn't that scary without him. Now they are in the groove again. Who makes the most important play of the game? You guessed it, Kam Chancellor. What an amazing play to punch the ball out before Calvin Johnson can score. Unfortunately, it seems the refs blew a call in Seattle again that cost the Lions the game. The Seahawks punched the ball out and it was ruled a touch back, but it should have been Lions ball at the 6 inch line because the Seahawks knocked it out of bounds. It's too late now and the Lions season is on life support.

Final Score: Seahawks 13-Lions 10

I picked the Seahawks because they are unbeatable at home. Even more so when helped by the refs.


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