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NFL Week 6 Recap--My Predictions

Updated on October 20, 2015

Randal Bruce vs ESPN

I didn't have the best week in Week 6. I ended up 7-7. It's an improvement over last week. I'm not happy about a .500 week, but it beats having a losing week. Chris Mortensen leads the ESPN crew with a record of 12-2. I tied with the worst guy at ESPN. Yikes! Cris Carter has taken the lead at ESPN with an overall record of 62-29. My overall record is 52-39. I'm down by 10 plus my overall record is tied with the worst analyst at ESPN. Hard to find a silver lining there. You can see my picks below. There is a link that will lead you to my division by division breakdown and picks and the next link will lead you to ESPN's.

Randal's Picks

My picks are in bold on the away and home columns.

The Saints revive their season with a victory over the Falcons

The Saints saved their season for one game, but it's one game. They needed to win this game and they did. This is the game that makes you wonder if the Falcons are for real. We will have to see how they rebound. This was an ugly game for the Falcons. They escaped defeat the week before and may be starting buying into their own hype.

Final Score: Saints 31-Falcons 21

I picked the Falcons because I thought they could steal one on the road.

The Bengals stay perfect in win over the Bills

The Bengals are on fire at 6-0. I know everyone isn't impressed until they win a playoff game. You have to admit that they look really good right now. Andy Dalton has been impressive. His weapons are healthy this year and he is feasting on opposing defenses. Dalton tossed in 3 TD passes in this road win. It's a tough loss for the Bills in this division. The Patriots are the class of the AFC East and the Jets look really good. I think the Bills are overachieving but they lost to a superior opponent today.

Final Score: Bengals 34-Bills 21

I picked the Bengals because I thought they had too much talent for the Bills to get a win.

The Denver defense does it again and the Broncos beat the Browns in OT

I feel like I'm saying this week after week, but the Broncos are winning ugly. It's fun to watch. You are used to seeing Peyton Manning putting up big numbers and their games are boring. They just seem to amaze me week in and week out. Their defense just keeps on coming up big, especially in late game situations. They don't need Manning to be great, just good enough. The Broncos are now a defensive team and that may be the best thing for them. The Browns were so close in this game, but the miscues late did them in. This is a tough loss for the Browns, they were so close but the Broncos know how to win these games and that's why they are 6-0.

Final Score: Broncos 26-Browns 23

I picked the Broncos because I don't believe in the Browns.

The Lions beat the Bears in a shoot out OT thriller

The Lions needed this win in the worst way and got it in OT. It was a hard fought game. Matthew Stafford was benched the week before and he came back on fire this week. Stafford threw for 405 yards and 4 TD's. Calvin Johnson also came up big in this game with 6 catches for 166 yards and a TD. There is so much talk about Stafford that people ignore that this defense is terrible. Last year Detroit had the #2 ranked defense. They are giving up yards at an alarming rate and that's why this team is really struggling.

Final Score: Lions 37-Bears 34

I picked the Lions because they were a playoff team a year ago and the Bears looked like a mess before the season.

With a new head coach the Dolphins destroy the Titans

The Dolphins fired Joe Philbin and promoted assistant Dan Campbell and the team responded in a big way. Lamar Miller led the way on offense. He rushed for 113 yards and a TD. Cameron Wake exploded on defense with 4 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. The move worked for the Dolphins this week. Now can they capitalize on it?

Final Score: Dolphins 38-Titans 10

I picked the Titans because the Dolphins usually lose games they should win easily. I didn't know before the season they'd fire the coach mid season and respond this well.

The Vikings hand the Chiefs their 5 straight loss

This was a very sloppy game. The Chiefs season is pretty much over. They seem lost. The Vikings are continuing to improve in Year 2 under Mike Zimmer. They are definitely headed in the right direction. They have a legit shot to compete for a wild card spot. You have to be happy with what you are seeing out of Minnesota.

Final Score: Vikings 16-Chiefs 10

I picked the Chiefs before the season because I thought they were the better team. At this point I think it's safe to say the Vikings are the superior team.

The Jets hand the Redskins their 2nd loss in the Meadowlands this year

The Jets are a pleasant surprise. Todd Bowles has this team focused and playing sound football on both sides of the ball. They turned the ball over 3 times in the first half and then came out and made adjustments and started forcing turnovers. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a game manager and that's what the Jets need right now. Chris Ivory had a monster game rushing for 146 yards rushing and a TD. Brandon Marshall chipped in with 7 catches for 111 yards and a TD. The Jets defense held the Redskins to just 225 yards of total offense. The Redskins can't get out of their own way. Kirk Cousins is awful. It's time to pull the plug on this experiment. That means it's time to pull the plug on Gruden, who hand picked Cousins as his starter. The Jets look like they are going to be in contention all season while in DC it's the same old Redskins.

Final Score: Jets 34-Redskins 20

I picked the Jets because the Redskins usually lose in the Meadowlands. Normally it's to the Giants, but it doesn't matter with the Redskins. They could lose a game on their bye week.

The Steelers don't let injuries get in the way of beating the Cardinals

This was a game between two really good teams with really good coaches. The Steelers just keep on fighting without Big Ben. They pull off a tough home win. The Steelers were down to their 3rd string QB Landry Jones. Mike Vick got injured and Jones stepped in and tossed 2 TD's and led the team to a win in relief. I picked the Steelers to win the Super Bowl before the season and I still feel like they will when Ben is healthy. They are getting guys to step up. Today it was Landry Jones and WR Martavis Bryant. Bryant had 6 catches for 137 yards and 2 TD's. The Cardinals may be in that mix as well. They just weren't good enough today. It's tough to go into Pittsburgh and get a win.

Final Score: Steelers 25-Cardinals 13

I picked the Cardinals because I thought they could come into Pittsburgh and steal a win. I thought Bruce Arians would pull one off against his former employer.

Texans take care of divison rival Jaguars

The Texans finally get another win. They are hoping they can build on this. DeAndre Hopkins came to play in this game. He had 10 catches for 145 yards and 2 TD's. QB Brian Hoyer passed for 3 TD's. The Texans need to give Hoyer a chance to prove he's the guy. They had Mallet for most of last year and it seems obvious they don't believe in him. The Jaguars fall to 1-5 and it's time to admit that Gus Bradley isn't the right guy for this job. They haven't gotten better in his 3 years as coach.

Final Score: Texans 31-Jaguars 20

I picked the Texans because I thought Bill O'Brien was a better coach than Gus Bradley.

The Panthers quiet Seattles 12th man with late TD to beat the Seahawks

Huge win for the Panthers on the road. The Panthers needed to win a game like this. They came from behind in the 4th quarter in hostile territory. Cam led them on a 80 yard drive capped off with a TD pass to Greg Olsen. Olsen had himself an outstanding game. Olsen had 7 catches for 131 yards and the game winning TD. The Seahawks are blowing 4th quarter leads in their last few games. Everyone is blaming the defense. It's not all on them. The offense hasn't performed well in the second half of games either. You just paid Russell Wilson all this money and he can't seem to put games away for you.

Final Score: Panthers 27-Seahawks 23

I picked the Seahawks because they are impossible to beat at home. Well at least for everyone but the Panthers.

The Packers use late heroics to save the win over the Chargers

The Packers are the early favorites in the NFC. They pulled out a last second win at Lambeau. The Packers stopped the Chargers on 4th and goal. That was huge. Phillip Rivers 503 yards and 2 TD's just weren't enough. The Chargers have to stop the bleeding soon.

Final Score: Packers 27-Chargers 20

I picked the Chargers because I thought before the season they were ready to take that leap and shed their underachiever status. I was wrong.

The 49ers get a much needed win over the Ravens

The 49ers showed a little life in their last two games. They ended a 4 game losing streak by beating the Ravens. Colin Kaepernick came up big in this game. He had been taking a lot of heat about his QB play. He delivered with 340 yards passing and 2 TD's. The Ravens are in trouble. It looks like their season is over. I don't think anyone saw them being this awful before the season.

Final Score: 49ers 25-Ravens 20

I picked the Ravens before the season because I thought they had the better coaching staff. I still believe that but the Niners were the better team on Sunday.

The Patriots deflate the Colts again

The Patriots do what they always do, take care of the Colts. The Colts aren't ready for prime time. The Colts will have a chance at beating the Patriots when Tom Brady retires. The Pats are cruising to another Super Bowl title. The Colts are mediocre at best right now.

Final Score: Patriots 34-Colts 27

I picked the Patriots because they own the Colts. It's that simple.

The Eagles take care of the Giants at home

A few weeks ago the Eagles looked like the worst team in the division. Now they are tied for 1st place. It's good that the NFC East is completely awful. Just when you thought the Giants were on the verge of going on a run they have a major let down. The Eagles actually played good defense. That is extremely rare. They held the Giants to 247 yards of offense. They also sacked Eli 3 times, forced 2 fumbles, recovered 1 and picked him off twice.

Final Score: Eagles 27-Giants 7

I picked the Eagles because they were at home and this game is usually a toss up between these two teams.


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