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NFL Week 7 Preview

Updated on October 18, 2014

Atlanta at Baltimore

Atlanta is a different team away from home. They are playing terribly right now anyway, but especially on the road against a Baltimore team that look unstoppable last week. I think Joe Flacco will throw for a few more touchdowns and help the Ravens win by a significant amount.

Ravens: 27-17

Tennessee at Washington

Can Kurt Cousins fix his turnover issues? I’m not sure, but I’m also concerned about a Titans team that can’t seem to win without Jake Locker, whose status is still uncertain. The Titans finally snapped their four game losing streak last week, but it was the Jaguars and they had to fight for every point in that dogfight. I think Cousins overcomes the mistakes and finally gets a win as a starter. I like Washington at home.

Washington 24-20

Seattle at St. Louis

Seattle is looking to bounce back from their loss to a very good Cowboys team last week. I think with them getting rid of Percy Harvin, they will actually be a better team. Without Harvin, the Seahawks will be forced to do what they do best, feed the beast, Marshawn Lynch. Look for Lynch to get a bunch of carries in this game to go along with a score or two. I’m high on the 1-4 Rams. I think they are a pretty good team, but they are really lacking experience. Their defense is pretty good overall, they rank 26th against the run, however, they have played teams that all run the ball exceptionally well. Unfortunately for them, Seattle is one of those teams. Give me Seattle, but in a close one in St. Louis.

Seahawks 21-17

Brian Hoyer has been excellent so far this year.
Brian Hoyer has been excellent so far this year. | Source

Cleveland at Jacksonville

Is it Jacksonville’s time? Are they finally going to get their win? This is the game where I thought the Jags would get their first win. The Browns are playing well right now, they are running the ball well, and where their passing numbers aren’t flashy; Brian Hoyer is managing the game beautifully. He has seven touchdown passes to just one interception in their 3-2 start. I thought Jacksonville would get their first win, and I still like that pick. Blake Bortles will begin to emerge even more as an NFL Quarterback and help his team get their first win this week.

Jaguars 27-24

Cincinnati at Indianapolis

This is a game that, at the beginning of the year, I thought would be a Bengals victory. However, the Bengals are banged up, and the Colts defense is playing extremely well, especially on the third down. The Colts lead the league in almost every defensive category on third down, which is HUGE when trying to take a team out of the game. The Bengals are not only hurt, but they are a completely different team away from Paul Brown Stadium. I expect a pretty commanding win in a statement game from the Colts.

Colts 38-21

Minnesota at Buffalo

The Bills aren’t as bad as they looked against the Patriots. It seemed like they were still carrying Jim Schwartz around after the Lions game. Unfortunately, they had to play the Patriots. The Vikings can’t throw the ball, that isn’t entirely Teddy Bridgewater’s fault, and I think he will turn into a pretty good pro. However, without a throwing game, what they do is run, and they don’t do that extremely well; and I don’t think it’s going to be even that good this week. The Bills are the best rated defense against the run this year, allowing only 67.5 yards per game. The VIkes are going to struggle in Buffalo.

Bills 24-7

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Miami at Chicago

Jay Cutler showed some growth in the passing game last week. He didn’t look for the homerun ball every time he threw it. He needs to do the same thing this week if he wants to have success. He and the Bears need to limit the turnovers. The Dolphins on the other hand, how are they going to handle that devastating loss they had last week to Aaron Rogers and the Packers? Are they going to be able to bounce back on the road? I don’t think so. I think they Bears win a close game after trying to give it away.

Bears 28-27

New Orleans at Detroit

Hopefully that BYE week was a good one for the Saints. They needed it to prepare for the Lions. The Lions defense is nasty, and the Saints offense has struggled, especially with turning the ball over. I don’t think those struggles will subside. The Lions have the best defense in the NFL, and I think will continue their ways against the Saints. Lions will win big.

Lions 27-10

Carolina at Green Bay

Aaron Rogers is good. He has thrown fifteen touchdown passes to just one interception. Last week, he just relaxed and threw a touchdown pass with three seconds left in the game. The Panthers aren’t as good as they were last year, but they are still a pretty solid team. Last week SuperCam did everything, he threw the ball for almost 300 yards and two touchdowns along with running for another hundred and another score. Cam Newton will need to put down the briefcase, take off the glasses and transform into SuperCam again this week, if the Panthers want to go up to Green Bay and get a win. I don’t think he has quite enough to do it for a second straight week.

Packers 24-21

Kansas City at San Diego

The Chargers don’t turn the ball over, the same cannot be said for the Chiefs. Phillip Rivers is having an MVP type season, and for the first time that I can remember, the Chargers are starting hot. They normally make a push at the end of the season, but this year they are taking care of the ball and Rivers has shown that he can make all of the throws. The one thing that worries me a little bit about this Chargers this week, isn’t even the Chiefs. It’s will the Chargers be looking ahead to the Broncos next week? They are in a dangerous spot, and need to make sure they take care of business. I think they will slip up here this week at home (and maybe it’s a horrible pick), but there is just something about Andy Reid coming off a BYE. That coupled with the Chargers big game next week. I like the Chiefs.

Chiefs 24-17


Arizona at Oakland

The Raiders took a step forward last week, in a competitive game against the Chargers. However, they weren’t able to close the deal. This week with a solid Cardinals team coming to town this week, I don’t think they’ll have much success this week either. The Cardinals do rank dead last in passing yards per game allowed, but that can be in part to the teams they have played: Chargers, Giants, 49ers, Broncos, and Washington. Even with giving up a lot of yards, they also do a great job at turning the opponent over, at eight interceptions this year, which is tied for third in the NFL. Unfortunately, I think the growing pains continue for Derek Carr and the Raiders.

Cardinals 31-14

NY Giants at Dallas

The Cowboys are coming into this game off a BIG win, where the Giants are coming off an EMBARRASSING loss on National TV. The Giants are going to be hurting without Victor Cruz, but I think they’ll be fine, however, I don’t think they’ll be fine in time for this game. The Cowboys, as long as they keep running the ball, are going to be a very hard team to beat. They do need to get Joseph Randle the ball a little more to take the load off of DeMarco Murray. He is on pace to rush the ball 424 times this year, which would be a league record. If they want to have late season success they need to take some of the weight off his shoulders. I do think the Cowboys get the win at home this week.

Cowboys 28-17


San Francisco at Denver

Peyton Manning is approaching the all-time passing record, and I think he will break it on Sunday Night. He needs two touchdowns to tie Brett Favre, which let’s be honest; throwing two touchdowns is something Manning does on a regular basis without breaking a sweat. I think he will tie the game early on, and break the record shortly after that. The question isn’t “Will Peyton break Brett’s record?” but “Will Brett be there?” To go along with such a monumental night, I like the Broncos to get the win in a closer game than the score will show.

Broncos 31-17

Houston at Pittsburgh

The Steelers haven’t played a good game since they beat the Panthers in Week 3. Yes, they beat the Jaguars, but in a close game, and the Jags aren’t good. They were also beaten by the Bucs and the Browns in that time period. The Texans have been on the wrong end of a couple close games, against pretty good teams. I think the Texans find a way to put another tally in the Win column this week.

Texans 21-17

NY Jets vs New England

I didn't get to the NY Jets at New England game in time this week, but will be sure to recap the game next week.



The Eagles dominated last week, which they needed after almost losing to the Rams the week before. I’m still not as high on the Eagles as most people seem to be, they are 5-1, but I’m not as impressed. Their one “good” win was against the Colts. We’ll see how the Eagles do after going to Arizona and Houston, back to back.

Tampa Bay

The Bucs lost in dramatic fashion to the Saints a couple weeks ago and really didn’t recover at all last week against the Ravens. They need this time off to gather themselves and focus on get a win against a team that is more beatable. They have a four game stretch coming up against the Vikings, Browns, Falcons, and Redskins, where if they could go 3-1, they would be right in the think of it in the NFC South, as silly as that seems. This is a big BYE week for them.


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