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NFL Week 7 Recap--My Predictions

Updated on November 2, 2015

Randal Bruce vs ESPN

It's weeks like this that make me wonder why I took on this challenge of picking games before the season. I could have taken the easy way out and picked games week to week and have the information on how teams are playing and injury reports to influence my picks. I wanted to see how good my preseason picks held up regardless. Not making excuses, but I am trying to save face after a horrible week. I was a horrendous 4-10 in Week 7. It sucks. I got destroyed by everyone at ESPN. The worst person there was 7-7 this week. Overall, I am 56-49. Cris Carter and Chris Mortensen lead the way at ESPN at 71-34. Eric Allen has the worst record there at 62-43. Right now I'm chasing him. Randal will be done without a big Week 8.

Randal's Picks

My picks are in bold on the away and home columns.

The Seahawks continue to bully the 49ers in another divisonal win

Marshawn Lynch looked like his old self in this rivalry game. He ran for 122 yards and a TD. The Seahawks defense looked like it's old dominating self by holding the 49ers to 142 yards of total offense. Colin Kapernick struggled big time and has for most of the season. Like the rest of this team, he has struggled without Jim Harbaugh.

Final Score: Seahawks 20-49ers 3

I picked the Seahawks because the 49ers as an organization are a mess.

Jaguars use late game heroics to beat the Bills after blowing big lead

A surprisingly entertaining game from London. They are rare folks. The Jaguars got off to a big lead thanks to EJ Manuel's terrible play at the beginning of the game. He had a string of 3 straight turnovers. The Jaguars converted each into points and jumped in front with a 27-3 lead. The Jaguars decided to take the rest of the game off and Manuel led the Bills back with 28 straight points. Just when you thought the Bills had control of the game, Blake Bortles delivered some late game magic with a tough throw on the run, which led to a spectacular catch by Allen Hurns for the game winning TD. The Jags needed this win bad and are in contention in an awful division. This loss sinks the Bills in their tough division that seems to be getting better each week.

Final Score Jaguars 34-Bills 31

I picked the Bills based on coaching. I don't care for either but I thought at the time the Bills had better coaching.

The Vikings continue to improve with a win over the sinking Lions

I sound like a broken record when it comes to the Lions. They are one of the biggest disappointments of the season. At least for me, I thought they would be a playoff team. They have the talent. The Vikings, however, are a huge surprise for me. I thought they would compete, but not be good enough this year. They may snag a wild card spot. It's still early, but you have to like what you see. Tedy Bridgewater keeps on growing. He passed for 316 yards and 4 TD's in this game. WR Stefon Diggs looks like an emerging star. Diggs had 6 catches for 108 yards and TD. The defense delivered in this game as well. The Vikings sacked Stafford 7 times and held Detroit to 274 yards of total offense.

Final Score Vikings 28-Lions 19

I picked the Lions because I bought into their 2014 season carrying over to 2015. I was WAY off on that.

The Falcons beat the Titans in a slug fight

The Falcons bounced back from their 1st loss last week to beat the Titans. The Titans were without Mariota for this game. The Titans have lost 5 straight since winning the 1st game of the season. This game was just ugly. DeVonta Freeman continues his great season by running for 116 yards in this contest. The Falcons are 6-1 and are a surprise to me in Dan Quinn's first season as coach.

Final Score: Falcons 10-Titans 7

I picked the Titans before the season because the Falcons usually lose games that they should win easily. They almost lost this game to the Titans who were without their starting QB. I stick by my picks before the season. I don't do week to week like everyone else. It's easier to do it that way. I like the challenge.

The Saints jump all over the Colts in the 1st half and managed to stave off their comeback

The Colts continue to underachieve. They lose a winnable game at home. Andrew Luck looks hurt and he's struggling a lot. The offensive line play is awful. The defense can't really stop anyone. This team will still win their division, but I don't see them going far in the playoffs. There were talks that coach Chuck Pagano may get fired after the season. Now you have to think that GM Ryan Grigson could get the same fate. After this game, it was said that owner Jim Irsay and Grigson had a heated argument in the locker room. Uh Oh Colts fans. The Saints have rebounded for a terrible start. They jumped on the Colts 27-0 in the first half. They managed to hold on and look to have their season turned around for the moment.

Final Score: Saints 27-Colts 21

I picked the Colts because I thought they were close to being a Super Bowl caliber team. I was wrong about that.

The Chiefs stop their losing streak by taking care of the Steelers

The Steelers need to get Big Ben back. They just aren't the same team without him. They are down to their 3rd string QB Landry Jones. Jones and back up Mike Vick have done enough to keep this team afloat but they need their leader back. The Chiefs get a much needed win to stop their 5 game losing slide. We'll see if they can build off of this win.

Final Score: Chiefs 23-Steelers 13

I picked the Steelers because I thought they are the better team. I still believe they are and will prove it when Big Ben is back.

Todd Gurley leads the Rams over the Browns

Todd Gurley is the truth. He may be the best thing that has happened to the Rams in a very long time. He has rushed for over 100 yards in his 3 starts. He rushed for 128 yards and 2 TD's in this win over the Browns. The Browns are an inconsistent mess. There isn't much to say there.

Final Score: Rams 24-Browns 6

I picked the Rams because the Browns are a bigger mess.

Dan Campbell's Dolphins put a hurting on the Texans

The coaching change has paid off. Dan Campbell has led the Dolphins to 2 straight wins as intern coach. The Dolphins are now 3-3 and very much in the mix again. Ryan Tannehill had the game of his life. He was 18-19 for 282 yards and 4 TD's. Lamar Miller rushed for 175 yards and a TD. Bill O'Brien sunk this season by not acquiring a starting QB. The Texans caught teams off guard in his 1st season. They are trending in the wrong way and he is in danger of losing this team.

Final Score: Dolphins 44-Texans 26

I picked the Texans before the season because I thought Bill O'Brien had a solid game plan. I shouldn't have bought in.

The Pats continue to defend their title with another win over the Jets

The Patriots make winning seem like business as usual. They just keep on winning. The Jets are proving that they are a solid opponent. They have bought into Todd Bowles plan. They just aren't ready enough to beat the Pats just yet. Tom Brady just eats defenses alive. Brady passed for 355 yards and 2 TD's. Don't be shocked if the Jets get the Pats later this year at the Meadowlands. It won't be easy to beat this Todd Bowles led Jets team.

Final Score: Patriots 30-Jets 23

I picked the Patriots because they are the champs. It's that simple.

Cousins leads the Redskins back from a 24 point deficit to beat the Buccaneers late

Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins saved their jobs with this win. They were down 24-0 early in the game. The score was 24-7 at halftime. The fans had turned on them. They booed them into the locker room. Kirk Cousins was brilliant in the 2nd half of this game, leading the Redskins to their biggest comeback ever. Cousins finished the game 33-40 for 317 yards and 3 TD passes. He also ran for a score. This loss has to sting for the Buccaneers. 1st overall pick Jameis Winston came out like gang busters. He had a solid game early and cooled off in the 2nd half. Winston finished 21-29 for 297 yards and 2 TD's. He's continuing to improve. Doug Martin chipped in with 136 yards rushing, but couldn't score when they desperately needed him to late in the game. Mike Evans was huge with 8 catches for 164 yards and a TD. It was not enough to beat the Redskins, who may have saved their season and Gruden and Cousins jobs.

Final Score Redskins 31-Buccaneers 30

I picked the Buccaneers because the Redskins usually lose games like this. They lost this very game last year. The Redskins typically lose games they should win easily and in the first half they looked headed that way. The Redskins showed major heart by not giving up being down early in this game.

The Raiders come into San Diego and bully the Chargers in this divisional win

The Chargers are the poster boys for underachieving. When you buy into them, they never deliver. I'm giving them too much credit and ignoring the fact that the Raiders went into San Diego and punched them in the mouth. The Raiders are surprisingly in the mix in the AFC. I thought they would be good in about 3 years under Jack Del Rio but they came to fight in his first year. Derek Carr gives the Raiders a legit chance to beat anyone. He was a pleasant surprise as a rookie and just continues to grow in his sophomore campaign. Carr was 24-31 for 289 yards and 3 TD's. The Raiders were smart in getting him some help by drafting WR Amari Cooper. Cooper was huge with 5 catches for 133 yards and a TD. The Chargers fall to 2-5 and continue to disappoint.

Final Score: Raiders 37-Chargers 29

I picked the Chargers because I thought they were the better team before the season. I was wrong and feel stupid for believing that the Chargers had finally shed their underachiever moniker.

The Giants use late game magic to put the Cowboys away

Before the season, I picked the Cowboys to make the Super Bowl. No one could have foreseen them losing Tony Romo and Dez Byrant. I refuse to change my picks from before the season and I'm dying by that fact. The Cowboys are terrible without those two players. The Cowboys are down to their 3rd string QB Matt Cassel. Cassel is awful and so was 2nd stringer Brandon Weedon before this game. Cassel threw 3 critical interceptions in this game. This team is so talented that they almost overcame that, but former Cowboy and current Giants WR Dwayne Harris broke a late 20 all tie with a 100 yard kickoff return to win the game. The Giants are the leaders of the NFC East, at least for now. The Cowboys are only 2 games back in an awful division so they still have hope.

Final Score: Giants 27-Cowboys 20

I picked the Cowboys because I thought they had more talent than the Giants. I believe that when Romo and Bryant are healthy. That's why I made this pick before the season. I didn't change it after the injuries. I made the pick and I live and die by my preseason picks.

The Panthers stay unbeaten by beating the Eagles at home

The Panthers win ugly folks. That's just what they do. They find ways to grind out wins. It has been impressive so far. People discount them being 6-0 but they are a lot better than you think they are. They will make you play ugly and fight to beat them. So far no one has stepped up to that challenge. Cam just wills this team to win. He is the leader and they follow his lead. The defense is good enough to win games when they have to. They have the balance to cause damage. Jonathan Stewart had himself a good game with 125 yards. The Eagles continue to underachieve. Sam Bradford has not lived up to the hype and is too inconsistent in this offense. The Eagles however are only 1 game out of first in the NFC East and have a win over the division leading Giants. The also have a loss to the Redskins who they are tied with, so there is that.

FInal Score: Panthers 27-Eagles 16

I picked the Eagles because I thought they'd have too much fire power for the Panthers.

The Cardinals take care of the Ravens at home

The Cardinals just continue to win under Bruce Arians. This team can be dangerous when Carson Palmer is healthy. They are going to be a tough team to beat if he can finish out the season. Chris Johnson was a late free agent signing and it has paid major dividends early. He came through in this game with 122 yards rushing and a TD. The defense had a good game earlier, but faltered after getting a solid lead. They came through in the clutch picking off Flacco in the end zone to seal the win. The defense had a solid game overall holding the Ravens to 276 yards of total offense. It's truly surprising how bad the Ravens have been. They usually find ways to win games in the past, but that has caught up to them this year.

Final Score: Cardinals 26-Ravens 18

I picked the Cardinals because I thought they had the better coaching staff and team.


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    • Randal Bruce profile imageAUTHOR

      Randal Bruce 

      3 years ago from Charlottesville, VA

      It's so true but it's what makes this sport so much fun to watch.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      3 years ago from Texas

      This was a wild and crazy weekend of NFL games, some of them I'm sure nobody would have predicted. Just shows parity is developing and there are no more dominate teams/dynasties.


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