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NFL Week 8 Draftkings Fantasy Picks

Updated on October 27, 2016


Quarterback to play: Week 8 has some great match ups between high flying gunslingers and poor pass defenses. My number one game is Atlanta Falcons vs Green Bay Packers. Out of Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan I have to give Matt Ryan the edge. He will be throwing against a defense that is missing its three starting corner backs. Matt Ryan has been carving up secondaries all year with Julio Jones. This is a dream match up that only comes a few times a year. I don't usually have all my eggs in one basket but here I would absolutely have him on almost all my rosters. Aaron Rogers is another good pick against a very weak Falcons secondary. He is a good pick but not better then Ryan and he is $500 more expensive.

Quarterback to avoid: Phillip Rivers has been on fire lately with the offense scoring at will. Denver will keep Rivers passing game under 300 yards and two touchdowns or under. This limits his upside and scoring. Rivers is my usual go to but this week leave him alone.

Sleeper quarterbacks: This one is a little bit of a risk, but the way Cleveland is playing this to me is a must play on at least one roster. I look for Ryan Fitzpatrick to destroy the Cleveland Browns. He lashed out at the owner, coach, and management and will be looking to show he can still play at a high level. If not to stay on the team as a starter but for next year to be picked up by another team.


Running backs to play: My two picks this week are easy. Both are going to have there snap count upped considerably due to injury. Denver Broncos running back CJ Anderson is out with a knee injury. This is bad news for him but great news for Devonte Booker. He is only $3700! That is worth the play just to clear space to play some bigger names. My next pick is Devonte Freeman from the Atlanta Falcons. Coleman is injured and will not be playing this weekend and may be out longer. I know Green Bay has a great run defense, but Freeman can catch the ball as well. He should score at least a touchdown in this game and have 100 all purpose yards.

Running backs to avoid: LeSean McCoy barely played last week and was pulled from the game. If he plays it will not be much and you run the risk of him leaving again. If he he does play New England will stop him since he is not even close to 100%. Leave him alone. Another back I would stay away from is Melvin Gordon. The Denver defense is very stingy and I expect a turn over from Gordon in this game. Miller is on his game right now and will be all over Gordon and Rivers.

Sleeper running back: Jacquizz Rodgers has been a great backup as Doug Martin is still hurt. Don't expect Martin to play this Sunday. He has not practiced all week and if he can't practice he won't play. Tampa is playing Oakland and their defense is not that good.

Wide Receivers

Wide Receivers to play: If you notice my theme this week is the Atlanta Falcons on offense. I expect them to score a lot and to score often. As I said earlier Green Bay is with out its 3 three top corner backs. Matt Ryan will attack that secondary often and Julio Jones is his favorite target. This is simple math. Matt Ryan plus Julio Jones plus an injured Green Bay secondary equals huge fantasy numbers. On the other side of the field will be Aaron Rogers and his favorite target Jordy Nelson. While they will not put up Julio numbers he should put up some decent fantasy points. Another good pick would be Devonte Adams. He is a little risky but could put up some decent numbers at a cheaper price.

Wide Receivers to avoid: The cowboys will be playing a divisional game with the Philadelphia Eagles. Returning will be Dez Bryant. Several reasons I have to avoid him here. He is expensive for some one who has not proven he will put up big numbers. He is also not Dak Prescott's favorite target. Dak has built a great relationship with Cole Beasley. He is way to risky and could bite you real quick with a high price and no return.

Sleeper Wide Receiver: Why in the world Cole Beasley is so cheap I have no idea, but as long as he is this cheap then I am going to keep playing him.

Tight End

Tight End to Play: You have to play Rob Gronkowski. He is expensive for a tight end, but he has no ceiling when it comes to scoring fantasy points.

Tight End to Avoid: Stay away from Greg Olsen. The Carolina Panthers have been awful this year. They are going against one of the top defenses in the league. He may score some pints but no where near enough to pay $6500.

Sleeper Tight End: Jack Doyle is only second to TY Hilton for catches. Matthew Stafford seems to be turning a corner in his career from good to great. This option is cheap so if he barely scores it won't hurt too bad. I will warn you this is a very risky play.


Defense to Play: This week was a weird defensive look. You have a couple of top defenses playing top offenses. San Diego is playing Denver and New Orleans is playing Seattle. Between the two I like The Seahawks over Denver. New Orleans has not been good against good defenses this year. Denver is good, but San Diego will score some points on offense.

Defense to Avoid: The Jets are the second rated defense behind Denver. Don't pay for what your not going to get in return. Like it or not Cleveland will score on the Jets. Period.

Sleeper Defense: If you want to play someone who might keep it low scoring against a struggling offense the play the San Diego Chargers. They may cause a turn over and keep the score low. Low price clears up room for other places on the roster.


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