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NFL Week 9: What Makes Me Angry

Updated on November 3, 2013

-People are going to blame Jeff Tuel for the Buffalo Bills' 23-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs today. Yes, the interception he threw on the 1-yard line was an absolute terrible pass. But I don't blame Tuel, I blame Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. The Bills had a 1st and Goal from the 1, with a 10-3 lead on the only undefeated team in the NFL. With an undrafted rookie QB in his first NFL start, this should have been a no brainer three or four run series. Especially when you have C.J. Spiller, who last year had a rush average of 6.0 yards/carry. Surely he can get one yard on at least three attempts, right? Not if he's not in the game! No, C.J. sat out these plays as the Bills were stopped on the first two rushes. So instead of rectifying this decision by calling his number on third down, Hackett calls a pass play. 100 yards later, the game is tied.

-Apparently, calling a pass play on the 1 yard line is becoming a trend in the NFL. I remember this call would be a play-action out of a jumbo 3 TE formation. Now, teams will put in three or four receivers with no room to maneuver. I don't understand this logic. The Bills weren't the only one who blew this call today. The San Diego Chargers also had a 1st and Goal on the 1-yard line at the end of the game with a chance to beat the Washington Redskins. They were stuffed after a run call on first down. The Chargers then passed on both second and third down, failing miserably, and kicking a game tying field goal at the end of regulation. They lost in OT.

-I don't understand how coaches that make these terrible decisions still have jobs. Which brings me to Jason Garrett. Yes, I know the Cowboys won today. "Great" win against the crappy Vikings. With the talent that Dallas has, they should be near the top of the NFC. Instead, they are 5-4, barely leading the worst division in football. The Cowboys won by the skin of their teeth today, no thanks to the coaching staff. The play selection for Dallas today was nine rushing plays and fifty-one pass plays. Say what? Another scary trend in the NFL is how quickly teams are abandoning the run. It doesn't matter if you are getting yards or not, the threat still has to be there for the defense. If they know you aren't going to run, then why would they not be in a pass defense? Make them put eight men in the box! Troy Aikman's career high passing yards for a season was 3445. That is only 215 yards/game. In his best season. He won three Super Bowls. Tony Romo throwing for 300 yards a game has won them zero. Every time Aikman went under center, the threat of a run play was there. That's why he was able to be so successful without big yardage. Of course I know he had Emmitt Smith, but DeMarco Murray is one of the best young backs in the league, and Garrett just wastes him. The Cowboys have a losing record since 1996. They have never made the playoffs with Jason Garrett as their Head Coach. So why is Jerry Jones keeping him? This is the man who fired Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson! And Johnson after winning two Super Bowls, yet Garrett still has a job?

-One of's headlines today is "Rex Ryan's Jets beat Rob's Saints." Last I checked, Sean Payton was the Head Coach of the Saints not Rob Ryan. Such a big deal is made out of these two playing against each other, you would think they are both outstanding coaches. If these guys weren't twins, the only news they would be making is how much they talk up a good game for their underperforming teams.

-And finally, I get angry when the media make a big deal out of nothing. Like above. In this case, Patriots WR Danny Amendola's First Quarter touchdown against the Steelers. The first thing out of announcer Jim Nantz's mouth? "Amendola becomes the 50th player to catch a TD pass from Tom Brady!" Not that the Patriots take the early lead. Does anyone think that when Amendola caught the pass he thought "Yes I'm number 50!" Back from the commercial break, the graphic on the screen once again reinforced this point. Not the drive summary. Not the length of the TD by Amendola. Only that he was the 50th player to catch a TD pass from Brady. Irrelevant. This statistic does not signify accomplishment by either player. All it does is show the revolving door that New England has had at WR since Brady took over at QB. And that Amendola happened to be the 50th guy to catch a TD from him. Who cares.


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    • profile image

      pgorner 4 years ago from Tijuana, Mexico

      You see the way the Bills f-cked up? That made me angry.