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NHL Enhanced Stats

Updated on May 20, 2015

Enhanced Stats

This past year, the NHL teamed up with SAP and "totally revamped" the stats page on the NHL's official website... sort of. For the most part, the same stats are recorded on the traditional NHL Stats page- Games played, goals, assists, points, plus-minus. While these are still probably the most important numbers to look at, SAP did, in fact, contribute something to the partnership... Ladies and gents... SAT Rating (also known as Corsi).

LA King's Drew Doughty led all players in the regular season with an Corsi rating of 410.
LA King's Drew Doughty led all players in the regular season with an Corsi rating of 410. | Source


So now that we know where this new number came from, what does it all mean? Well, I'm glad you asked- and I'm going to tell you.

SAT stands for "Shot Attempts(while 5 on 5). "But we already have a stat to keep track of-" Yes, yes, I know, I know. But its more than just throwing a piece of vulcanized rubber on goal. Think of SAT as a mix between 'shots on goal' and 'plus-minus' for a specific skater (No, goalies don't get an SAT rating). While a player is on the ice and their team makes a shot attempt, that player's SAT rating goes up by 1. Whenever the opposing team takes a shot attempt, that player's SAT rating goes down by 1.

Simple, right? So what does it all mean?

Well over a period of time(say, 82 games) that number will go up and down to give you your SAT for the season. Divide by the number of games played, and you have your average SAT rating per game. But the bottom line- when (Insert player name here) is on the ice, their team takes (insert average SAT rating here) more shots on goal per game than their opponents. And if you have put two and two together by now, it can be a representation of POSSESSION! If you are on the ice, and your team has the puck, and you are shooting more(or less, if your SAT is negative) and getting shot at less(or more) then this trend can show puck possession of your team while you are on the ice...

This statistic can be even more important for DEFENSEMAN, a position who never really got much love when it comes to record keeping. A good defenseman, or defensive player, can jack up your teams SAT rating as a whole by keeping the other team from taking shots, while a shooter pads your numbers on the opposite end of the ice.

Different Types of SAT

There are different ways that SAT can be measured. You have SAT For, SAT Against, SAT Total, SAT%, and a whole gang of other ways it's read including what your SAT is like when it's a close game(within 1 goal), tied, ahead or behind. It even records the unblocked shot attempts- All of which can be found and explained more depth.... below.

So take a look for yourself, an see how your favorite players compare around the league!

Thanks for reading my FIRST article! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I look forward to bringing you more articles in the future! Have something you want to see written about? Shoot me a fan mail, or leave it in the comments!

How Do You Feel About SAT?

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