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NHL draft 2010

Updated on March 22, 2010

NHL draft Los Angeles

Who will be the first overall pick?

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Where will land the top prospects?

1. Taylor Hall, OHL

Some say he might not be the first overall draft of 2010, but I think that the Oilers are going to play safe. He has better hands than Tyler Seguin and he has been more offensively productive in his junior career. He plays like Matt Duchene. He will still need some more years to mature before he becomes a great hockey player. Might be the next Calder trophy winner.

2. Tyler Seguin, OHL

I think the Maple Leafs made an horrible deal by sending this pick for Phil Kessel. Tyler is going to be a 25 to 35 goals per year player in the near future for the Boston Bruins. He also has a good physical game which is going to be perfect with the Bruins hockey philosophy. He is more of a Steven Stamkos type of player.

3. Cam Fowler, OHL

There is no doubt that this player is going to be the third pick. The Florida Panthers will take him to replace Jay Bouwmeester. With Kulikov, the Panthers will have a good pair of young players seconded by the veteran Brian McCabe. He plays like Drew Doughty. He might also be a contender for the Calder Trophy.

4. Kirill Kabanov, LHJMQ

The first player from the LHJMQ will probably land in New York... but for the Islanders. He is tall and strong but nonetheless fast. He can also transport the puck across the ice. Watch out for him at the blue line, he had 10 goals in 22 games this year. 

5. Vladimir Tarasenko, KHL

He might be the first player from the KHL to be picked this year. The Tamba Bay Lighting would like a player like him to play with Stamkos. He is also very fast, makes me think of Nikita Filatov with his puck handling. Is he worth the risk? Might go back to the KHL if he doesn't get enough ice time with Tampa.  

Taylor Hall


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