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National Anthem of Countries Qualified for World Cup 2010

Updated on July 12, 2011

If you are fond of soccer or of a big international event like World Cup, here are the National Anthems of countries participating in this event. You may enjoy how different cultures designed a symbol that briefly describes their feeling toward their country, or you may enjoy the music itself. We will give you the national anthems of countries classified by their groups, and I think it will be fair if we begin with the countries that won the cup the most, beginning with Brazil? certainly.

Droup G : Brazil - Portugal - Cote D'ivoire - Korea DPR

Portugal x Cote D'ivoire 15/06/2010 Nelson Mandela Bay - Port Elizabeth

Brazil X Korea DPR 15/06/2010 Johannesburg - JEP

Brazil X Cote D'ivoire 20/06/2010 Johannesburg - JSC

Portugal X Korea DPR 21/06/2010 Cape Town

Brazil X Portugal 25/06/2010 Durban

Cote D'ivoire X Korea DPR 25/06/2010 Nelspruit

National Anthem of Brazil

National Anthem of Portugal - Lyrics: Heroes of the sea, noble people, Valiant and immortal nation, Now is the hour to raise up on high once more Portugal's spl

National Anthem of CÔTE D'IVOIRE

National Anthem of Korea DPR

Group F :  Italy - Slovakia - Paraguay - New Zealand

Italy X Paraguay 14/06/2010 Cape Town

Slovakia X New Zealand 15/06/2010 Rustenburg

Paraguay X Slovakia 20/06/2010 Mangaung - Bloemfontein

Italy X New Zealand 20/06/2010 Nelspruit

Italy X Slovakia 24/06/2010 Johannesburg JEP

New Zealand X Paraguay 24/06/2010 Polokwane

National Anthem of Italy

National Anthem of Slovakia

National Anthem of Paraguay

National Anthem of New Zealand

Group D  :  Germany - Australia - Ghana - Serbia

Germany vs Australia 13/06 Durban

Ghana vs Serbia 13/06 Tshwane/Pretoria

Germany vs Serbia 18/06 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth

Australia vs Ghana 19/06 Rustenburg

Ghana vs Germany 23/06 Johannesburg - JSC

Australia vs Serbia 23/06 Nelspruit

National Anthem of Germany

National Anthem of Australia

National Anthem of Ghana

National Anthem of Serbia

Group B  :  Argentina - Korea Republic - Greece - Nigeria

Argentina vs Nigeria 12/06/2010 Johannesburg - JEP

Korea Republic vs Greeace 12/06/2010 Nelson Mandela Bay - Port Elizabeth

Nigeria vs Greece 17/06/2010 Manguang/Bloemfontein

Korea Republic vs Argentina 17/06/2010 Johannesburg - JSC

Nigeria vs Korea Republic 22/06/2010 Durban

Argentina vs Greece 22/06/2010 Polokwane

National anthem of Argentina

National Anthem og Greece

National Anthem of Korea Republic

National Anthem of Nigeria

Group A :         France - Mexico - South Africa - Uruguay

South Africa  vs  Mexico  11/06/2010            Johannesburg

France   vs   Uruguay      11/06/2010           Cape Town

South Africa   vs   Uruguay    16/06/2010      Tshwane/Pretoria

France   vs   Mexico   17/06/2010            Polokwane

Mexico   vs   Uruguay   22/06/2010          Rustenburg

South Africa   vs  France  22/06/2010      Manguang/Bloemfontein

National Anthem of France

National Anthem of Mexico

National Anthem of Uruguay

National Anthem of South Africa

Group C : England - USA - Algeria - Slovenia

USA vs England 12/06/2010 Rustenburg

Algeria vs Slovenia 13/06/2010 Polokwane

Slovenia vs USA 18/06/2010 Johannesburg

England vs Algeria 18/06/2010 Cape Town

Slovenia vs England 23/06/2010 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth

USA VS Algeria 23/06/2010 Tshwane/Pretoria

National Anthem of England

National Anthem of USA

National Anthem of Algeria

National Anthem of Slovenia

Group E :  Netherland  -  Japan  - Cameroon  - Denmark

Netherland  vs  Denmark    14/06/2010    Johannesburg - JSC

Japan  vs Cameroon           14/06/2010    Manguang/Bloemfontein

Netherland  vs  Japan          19/06/2010   Durban

Cameroon  vs  Denmark       19/06/2010  Tshwane/Pretoria

Japan  vs  Denmark              24/06/2010   Rustenburg

Cameroon  vs  Netherland    24/06/2010   Cape Town

National Anthem of Netherland

National Anthem og Japan

National Anthem of Cameroon

National Anthem of Denmark

Group H : Spain - Switzerland - Chile - Honduras

Chile  vs Honduras        16/06/2010          Nelspruit

Spain  vs Switzerland    16/06/2010           Durban

Chile  vs Switzerland      21/06/2010           Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth

Spain  vs  Honduras       21/06/2010           Johannesburg/ JEP

Chile  vs  Spain              25/06/2010            Tshwane pretoria/Pretoria

Switzerland  vs Honduras   25/06/2010       Manguang/Bloemfontein

National Anthem of Spain

National Anthem of Switzerland

National Anthem of Chile

National Anthem of Honduras


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    • BRIAN SLATER profile image

      Brian Slater 7 years ago from Nottingham Uk

      What a fantastic hub, it's apity I am English because the National Anthem, God Save Our Gracious Queen makes me sqirm every time I hear it. Although I will be happy to hear it being played just before the World Cup final.