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National League or Fantasy League?

Updated on December 31, 2014

Zero sense to see a repeat offender back without apologizing

Football games attract many people. I am one of them, ridiculously magnetized by the ball games. I am a Green Bay Packers’ fan. This story is unfortunately about Green Bay packers - Detroit Lions game. Many channels showed, on Sunday December 28 th, 2014, The Detroit Lions ‘s tackle defensive stepped maliciously on Rodgers’ calf and ankle twice without looking down or back to see what had happened. The National Football league ruled: the Detroit Lions defensive tackle who stepped intentionally on the Green Bay Packers quarter back’ calf had a gentle one-game suspension. Then came an appeal in which the player pleaded not guilty, saying during the appeal hearing at the league office that his feet were numb from the cold. So the National Football league overturned the suspension that was reduced to a $70,000 fine. Do you say it’s a fantasy? It seems like.

The player in cause, the Detroit Lions defensive tackle is a repeat offender. He was suspended or fined in the past for the same kind of dirty plays. Indeed, he is a ‘’repeat offender’’. It doesn’t murder if the play is on a repeat offender list or he is currently removed from. The fact is to figure out if the .player is or not a repeat offender. Even if the Detroit Lions DT had numb feet, he had to show by his attitude that his actions could be viewed as accidental. The humble attitude expected from the Detroit Lions player should be to look back and may be apologize. And the Detroit Lions DT had the opportunity to do that when he met with the journalists. But he denied ten times to answer to the journalists asking him to explain what happened during the play. “ ‘’Next question ‘’, he said in place to apologize.

Fortunately he had the support needed from the National Football League by overturning the suspension to a fine in place to send a strongest message to a notorious repeat offender. That is a fantasy.


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