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Natural Hiking Shoes

Updated on March 14, 2011

Hiking is Natural

Hiking is an excellent pastime. It is a holistic activity which allows the hiker to get exercise and enjoy nature. Many hikers place a high value on the earth, and as a result prefer to participate with nature as naturally as possible. Whether your prefer natural homeopathic medicine and natural posture/bone alignment, or instead care for products fashioned out of renewable resources without the presence of any animal byproducts you will certainly be able to find a natural hiking shoe to accommodate your needs.

With modern and scientific engineering progressing at exponential rates each day, the shoes listed here represent only a fraction of the complete market of natural hiking shoes, and only show just a few of the many possibilities and achievements possible with future models and brands of hiking shoes.

Natural Walking

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes were designed with the naturalist in mind. While they may not be made out of natural materials, they certainly do align with mother nature's intentions. The Five Fingers shoes were designed to emulate and mimic the exact motions and movements of a bare foot. Five Fingers give the wearer all of the benefits of walking bare-foot, while protecting their feet from wear, tear, blisters, and dangerous or sharp objects. Studies conducted on the Vibram Five Fingers shoes have show that the bare-foot imitation has proven to improve posture and bone alignment throughout the body.

In addition to all of the natural and chiropractic benefits, the materials of the shoe are also quite important. The materials are very flexible yet thick and protective to repel harmful objects and offer a line of defense against more adverse temperatures. The shoes are also razor-siped along the bottom to insure maximum grip and stability on slipper or unstable surfaces.

Natural Materials

For those who embrace all things natural, "green", and sustainable there are a few companies who make environmentally conscious shoes out of natural materials such as hemp and other organic materials.

The Wicked Hemp hiking shoes are an excellent natural hiking shoes choice for the super-environmentalist. The complete upper of the shoe is fashioned out of high grade hemp to give the shoe a high level of durability and wear life. The sole of the shoe is molded from recycled rubber which ads to the durability of the shoe, and reclaims materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills and garbage piles. Included with the Wicked Hemp shoes comes a pair of hemp shoelaces. Wicked Hemp shoes come in only one color described as "natural" (khaki), and are vegan friendly.

Ecolution also makes a line of environmentally friendly shoes fashioned out of hemp. The strength of the 100% organic hemp used by ecolution and the natural color, make the Ecolution shoes durable yet fashionable. The hemp used in the Ecolution shoes is left mostly untreated by chemicals, yet remains soft and comfortable for the wearer. The shoe does have a rubber sole, which does not seem to be recycled rubber, however the nature of hemp as a renewable resource does somewhat offset the usage and production of new rubber. The Ecolution shoes also only come in a natural light brown color.


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