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Natural Ways to Repel & Protect Yourself from Biting Insects

Updated on May 21, 2015

There's nothing more frustrating then heading outside for sports or recreation, only to find that the bugs are out to get you. They are hungry after a long winter's nap and seem to be buzzing around your head, and crawling up your back, within moments of stepping outside. You may be wondering how to keep them literally out of your hair, so you can finally enjoy the fresh air and your favorite outdoor hobby or sport and avoid the bug bites while you're at it! Well, here's a few recommendations that you can try this spring, in hopes to keep the bugs at bay or even better, out of your bay entirely!

Make Your Own Concoction

- Research has shown that bugs can be particular about your scent so some odours they tend to stay away from. Try using lavender essential oil as insects, especially mosquitos, don't like the fragrance. Mix it with a base such as coconut oil and rub it all over your skin. This blend works great in the summer, as coconut oil acts as a sunscreen as well. Apply this bug repellent concoction, before going outside and you'll be protected from the bugs and the sun simultaneously. And best of all, you'll smell a lot better than when previously using stinky and dangerous DEET ridden bug spray.

- Lemon has also been known to repel bugs. Some recipes suggest mixing it with citronella or eucalyptus. You can also mix lemon and lavender with some vanilla and you've got another great insect repellent. Mix with some water in a spray bottle and you're all set. Just spray on your skin as needed.

- If you want to keep ticks off specifically, all you need to do is apply a few drops of rose geranium oil to your skin. This treatment can also be used to keep ticks off your pets as well. No concocting necessary for these pests. Just s few drops of the oil and its scent has you good to go!

Wear the Right Clothing

Whether you're out at a campfire or in the shade planting flowers, what you wear can help keep the bugs away. Bug suits can be bulky and annoying to move around in and extra layers may only make you overheat. Try to wear a base layer of Rynoskin insect repellent clothing while outdoors. Such clothing is also lightweight, breathable and snag resistant so you can continue on with whatever you are doing, bug free and hassle free.

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Use a Repellent Aid

If you're out in your back yard enjoying a campfire, you can always rely on a repellent appliance to deter the insects, such as a standard bug zapper. There's also the portable option for when hiking, such as a lantern or racket, to help keep the bugs off you. Bug zappers attract the bugs with their light and then kill them once the bug flies into the the electrocuted zapper. They can be a little noisy as the more bugs there are flying around, the more zapping is heard.

There are also portable repellent appliances that you can take with you while you're out hunting or camping. Such hand held devices, and lantern appliances, create a bug protection zone or area by burning a cartridge. The cartridge is composed of a copy of the repellent that is naturally found in chrysanthemum flowers, called allethrin.

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Bugs Bunny!
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Light Candles

While out on the patio you can always light citronella candles surrounding the area you are sitting in to keep the bugs away. Citronella masks the smell that attracts insects to humans, so it is a good idea to light several candles where you are located and sit close to them.

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Did you know?

Fireflies make their own glowing and flashing light inside their bodies to "talk" to other fireflies. Butterfly wings are covered with tiny scales which give the butterfly its beautiful colours and patterns. Some grasshopper species cannot hop or fly but get around mostly by crawling slowly.

Whatever you do to combat the insects this spring, remember that natural measures are the healthiest choice, especially when protecting young children. Take a moment to put on that extra bug repellent base layer, or to light a few candles, and your itch free skin will thank you later. Enjoy the fresh air without the bother and hassle of bugs swirling around your head or bite marks etched on your legs, because after a long cold winter, you definitely deserve it!

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    • thebrownbear profile image

      thebrownbear 2 years ago

      Thanks Benny01. I recently made up my own concoction using coconut oil as a base and adding lemongrass and citronella essential oils which are mandatory for mosquitoes. I also added lavender which also aids in keeping the mosquitoes at bay and then added geranium to block ticks. So far it has worked excellent and smells nice as well.

    • Benny01 profile image

      Ijeoma Peter 2 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

      Awesome tips. Before now, I didn't know lemon can actual keep bugs at bay, nice one and thanks for sharing.