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Nature Trail for Meditation

Updated on September 11, 2016

Finding a Nature Trail Near You

There are thousands of nature trail sites on the internet that list nature trails all over the world.

Look at the area you are in and find a place that is easily accessible to you. Look online to see what amenities, such as bathrooms and similar are in the area. You want to find a trail that is close enough to get to it easily, and not take a long time to get there so that you can actually enjoy the trail without having to rush there and rush back.

Trails may have different themes or features. There are bird trails, biking, hiking, climbing, walking, floral, animal, sanctuary, religious and many other themes that are out there. Look online around you, there will definitely be some sort of trail near you, even if you are in a major city.

If you don't have luck finding something when looking for a trail, look up walking path or labyrinth instead. This will find you a place of solace.


Bring Birdseed or Cooked Rice With You

I learned this from a friend of mine in South America. Struggling with the aftermath of a major family tragedy, she was having problems moving past the emotional place she was stuck in. She decided to the birds and herself on her walk. She brought along a bowl of rice and a small bag of birdseed.

As she walked, she would take a bite from her bowl of rice. "I nourish myself in the present and feed the present. I acknowledge the past and and I am moving forward." She literally said this with every single bite that went into her mouth.

She would think of something to be grateful for and sprinkle a tiny amount of birdseed as she walked. "I am giving back to living creatures, because in my time of need, living creatures were here for me." She said this over and over. Eventually, she shifted what she was saying, acknowledging beauty on the trail that she walked, the animals and flowers and life that were on the trail.

Every single week for 6 months, my friend walked her trail. Sometimes several times a week. She could feel the despair lifting from her heart. After she was past this dark period, she continued to walk, with each walk becoming a review of everything that she was happy for in her life, everything that was going on in her life and the improvements to strive for in the future. She still walks the trails, but not as intensely as she once did. She told me that eating and sharing food on that trail was transformation in action.


Dress Properly for the Nature Trail

You would not go to the beach in the warm weather wearing a heavy coat, would you? Of course not. In the same thought, you should dress appropriately for a nature trail walk.

Comfortable walking shoes or boots, clothing that allows the fabric to breathe, a good hat or visor, sunglasses and perhaps a walking stick are some things to consider. Look online for the trail that you will be using and see if there are suggestions made by other users. Be aware of pests such as bugs and mosquitoes and dress to prevent them from meeting you as well.

When I am going on a nature trail walk, I like to wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a pair of socks that wick away moisture, a shirt that has a vent in the back to allow sweat to dissipate, walking pants that have pockets such as cargo pants, and I also like to bring a bandanna or 2 as they have so many different uses.


Meditation Techniques While Walking a Nature Trail

You can meditate with your eyes open. You can meditate while you are walking.

Have a goal in mind and prepare ahead of time. Turn your phone to the airplane setting, but do bring it with you. Focus on being present in the moment. If worries and concerns come to your mind while you are walking, remind yourself that they will still be there when you leave the nature trail. This is your time to walk, reflect, renew and find yourself.

When a worry comes into your mind, acknowledge it. Then go back to your meditation. Your meditation time can be something as simple as looking at the clouds and deciding what the shapes look like on a cloud filled day. Seeing how many birds you can spot on your walk. Admiring the flowers as you pass them. Basically, acknowledging the beauty and peace that still exist in this world.

If you pray, then of course, you can do that. If you are blessed about something, acknowledge it. If you don't feel that you are blessed, find reasons to be. You are spending time connecting with the world of nature. It can be hard and awkward, but it is completely worth it.


Allow Meditation to Create a Restore Point for You

I was at my desk. The phones were ringing, it was very jarring with the splitting headache that I had. All I wanted to do was grab my coat and go home. We had a new deadline because a client wanted to make changes. It was a very tense time in the office and all of us were snapping at one another.

A photo I had taken with my phone and had printed sat on my desk. It was a small daisy, the one you see above, and I had written the word on it "breathe the kindness into your essence." I thought back to that warm day and the walk that I took, seeing small little wildflowers that were being kissed by tiny yellow butterflies. I thought about the smell of the warm grass in the field, the heat of the rocks as I touched them when I tied my shoe. I remembered the bottle of water I brought with me on that day tasted so good. I could feel the sun's warmth touching my forehead, and my meditation of that day. I urged myself to let go of what I could not change and move forward on that day.

In the instant I saw that photo and acknowledged it, I became noticeably calmer. I could not change the mind of the client. I could not change the phones ringing like harpies. I could change my response. Those phones ringing meant business was good or they would not be ringing. Those tense people were because we wanted to under promise and over deliver. We wanted to make them happy. My deadline meant that I had a job in a fragile economy.

By shifting the focus from problems to blessings, by remembering what I learned on that walk, I was able to re-center myself and create a healthier restore point. You can do that as well.

Use of the Nature Trail

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