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NBA Age Restriction: Right or Wrong for the NBA?

Updated on October 16, 2017

Nba age restrictiom

The Nba age limit set prior to the 2006 Nba draft has drawn a lot of speculation and many opinions have been casted on the subject whether the rule is right or wrong for young players who are either trying to come straight out of high school to the Nba, or who have just not hit the age of 19 before the Nba draft day. This rule, despite all the speculation in the sports world has not been removed or changed despite the deliberation of fans and people from around the league against this rule has yet to be changed.

Michael Porter of Mizzou


Why the restriction is right for the Nba

Many are against this rule but one man with a lot of power who came out against the rule this man, The Washington Post’s Jerry Brewer who strongly defers this rule and how it will affect the players who want to enter for the right reasons, in Brewers article “Opinion: Righting a wrong age limit in the NBA” Brewer states that, “Everyone claims to want to protect the game and the players. Few will admit that most suggested solutions are flawed and fundamentally unfair to the very people they want to help.” This article puts up the idea that the NBA is not protecting their players but hurting them, because many of theses players want to enter in the draft for reasons such as financials to support their family and friends or do not want to get hurt playing at the college level, and for some college is just not there thing.

Players have to have a life as well

It is almost as though the NBA is restricting the players of making decisions every other human being has the decision to make but because the NBA wants to protect their league they are not allowing young players to make this decision. Many players when they get to college don’t live up to what they are expected to be and never have the chance to support their family or don’t have a chance to do what they have dreamed of in life just because the NBA is trying to protect their league from being hurt.


The Nba's side to things

Although this rule does sound harsh and self-righteous by the Nba and to the Nba community, the Nba obviously has there own stand on the rule and how it affects and protects the Nba. Although many people believe the Nba is very wrong with this age restriction rule, the Nba believes they are doing the right thing to help themselves in the long run, here is how the Nba believes the age restriction rule affects young players.

Adam Silver Nba Commisioner


Why the Nba put the rule in place

The Nba does not believe that there stand is totally right but they have to protect their league at the same time. The Nba believes they are protecting their league from uneducated players causing controversy in the Nba causing the Nba to lose revenue and fan interest due to the actions of a young immature kid.

The Nba also wants to protect their league from players like a Kwame Brown who came straight out of highschool and was a draft bust, causing the Nba to draw unwanted negative attention on them. But put the rule in place none of this can happen which obviously was the most logical explanation to the Nba, but of course bad players can still be drafted and be considered a bust, but the Nba has a chance to see these players develop and play against better competition than just high school teams and the bad decisions really fall on the Nba teams instead of the whole league because they let players come straight out of high school. The time the players have before they enter the Nba in college or overseas help them develop character wise and education wise giving them a better perspective of right and wrong and helps them to make better decisions when they get to the Nba which the Nba hopes to do to keep their league going in the right direction.

What do you think of the Nba's age restriction?

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