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Nelson Agholor Biography

Updated on August 7, 2017
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Agholor's father, Felix, was also one of the high-level soccer players in Nigeria, but he never forced his son towards opting for sports when they immigrated to America. Nelson started in football playing on the streets of Tampa, Fla by his own choice. It was then when he found a passion for sports within himself. Agholar always wanted to break the culture barriers and it helped him a lot.

Early life

Nelson Efamehule Agholor (May 24, 1993) was born in Nigeria. He got shifted to America when he was five years old. An ambitious and athletic guy as he was; He played running back, defensive back and wide receiver for the Berkeley Buccaneers at Berkeley preparatory school at Tampa, Florida. This was the first step towards his career. He was rated as the five-star recruit and ranked as the third best wide receiver in his class by In January 2012 he took admission in University of southern California over Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, and Alabama.

College life

As a freshman at his college in 2012, he took part in all of the 13 games and played as a backup wide receiver. For 340 yards, he got 19 receptions and two touchdowns; an exceptional achievement for a young man like him. He became a starter as a sophomore in 2013. Agholor began with every one of the 14 games, with the sum of 56 receptions, 6 touchdowns, and 918 yards as a receiver. Besides being a leading receiver, for 343 yards he returned 18 punts and 2 touchdowns, and for 175 yards he returned 10 kickoffs. Agholor was perceived as a second group All-American by various outlets of sports for his punt returning. Agholor then returned as a starter in his junior season in 2014. The team got 104 receptions for 1,313 yards and 12 touchdowns under his leadership.


Philadelphia eagles selected Agholar for 2015 NFL draft as the 20th overall pick. On May 7 2015 He signed a four year contract that was worth around $9.4 million with a signing bonus of $5.1 million.

Agholor scored his first NFL career touchdown On December 13, 2015 in a match against the Buffalo Bills. Reception from QB Sam Bradford was 53 yard.In 2015, Agholor played 13 games a touchdown and 283 receiving yards. in 2016 during the second season, He played 15 games with 365 two touchdowns and 365 receiving yards.

Interestingly the middle name of Agholars name means “may my name not be forgotten”. He has lived up to the meaning of his name so far.

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