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New Balance Minimus Trail - Can They Help You Run Faster?

Updated on May 6, 2012

New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes

The New Balance Minumus Trail shoes are well named. They take a step back ( so to speak ) from radically styled the 'barefoot shoes' such as Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

Minumus Trail shoes have the conventional shoe look but the Vibram out sole and a minimalist upper let you experience near barefoot running without getting all the stares you might expect wearing a shoe with five individual toes.

People say the New Balance Trail Minimus shoes are lightweight and still sturdy. The key is the springy but not too pliable Vibram soles. You want the barefoot, or nearly barefoot feel without having to take on every pebble, stick or glass fragment the trails might offer up.

You can comfortably run the trails in these shoes with or without socks. Ironically, the five finger style of shoes has been found by some to be a more restrictive way of running due to having each toe in it's separate compartment. ( And they are making five finger socks to protect your toes!)

How Do You Rate New Balance Minimus Trail Shoes Compared to Other 'Barefoot Running' Shoes?

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Dr. Runco Compares Traditional Running Shoes to Minimalist Running Shoes

Minimalist Running - Is It For You?

Have you thought about changing your style of running from a traditional running style to a more minimalist style of running? Are you wondering whether a more natural running style would be a good choice for you?

Generally speaking, today's traditional running shoes have more cushioning and support than a pair of near barefoot - or minimalist - running shoes. The cushioning attenuates - or absorbs - the shock of running.

Proponents of minimalist running feel that this shock should be absorbed and dissipated naturally by 'proper' running form. Minimalist running shoes seek to more closely mimic a natural, barefoot running style. tells us we are currently "... in a minimalist running craze". after decades of manufacturing ever more cushioned running shoes, the major players are now offering shoes designed to offer the runner some protection and a more natural gait.

The arguments advanced against the traditional well cushioned, well heeled running shoes include the " I can't get no feedback from the ground". without the feedback provided by closer contact to the running surface, goes this line of reasoning, you can not run naturally and absorb shock they way your physiology is built to absorb the various jolts and shocks.

So, would this style of running be a good choice for you?

The style of shoe you run in affect the way you run. If you are running in minimalist footwear and running barefoot you are likely landing on you mid-foot or ball of the foot. Most people that run in traditional well cushioned running shoes land on the heel.

If running faster, more efficiently, and more in touch with the ground is your goal; a minimalist shoe might be a good choice for you. The theory that minimalist footwear speeds you up is becoming more accepted.

On the other hand, switching to minimalist running shoes takes time. You should switch over gradually. Nike warns that you should not use these shoes every day. The consensus presently is that less is more up to an imprecise point. Where the returns diminish is probably an individual choice.

Most people who want the benefits of this type of shoe would enjoy the less radical options , such as the New Balance Trail Minimus shoes. With such a shoe you will get speed and performance without having to worry about every pebble along your path.

New Balance: "Made in the USA"

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