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Cool Glow in the Dark Running Shoes

Updated on September 18, 2015

New Balance Glow in the Dark Running Trainers

The new fluorescent running shoes are the newest craze. The glow in the dark trainers pop up everywhere you look. In the park, on the cycle paths and in the gym. I like the new brand of glow in the dark sneakers. Puma, Reebok are among the bigger companies that make them.

Personally, besides the safety aspect of it all I like the funky colors. Running is not only an excersize, it's fun. The thrill of running your K in time. Listening to your favorite music on your phone is something I really enjoy.

Living on the country side I want some sturdy and comfortable sport shoes with enough flexibility so I can put my feet thoroughly on the ground. And if a car passes I want to be seen. The roads aren't lightened by lampposts so I really need cloths and sport shoes that will can be seen from far away..

New Balance Glow in the Dark Sport Shoes

New Balance fluorescent trainers
New Balance fluorescent trainers

Fluorescent sport shoes for men and woman.

Years ago I saw kids in New York running around with trainers that lightened up by every step. Wow, I wanted those sport shoes. I looked everywhere (this was in the pre Amazon era) but could not find them. Apparently they where only for kids as if adults weren't aloud to have fun.

Now X years later the running shoe industry has changed and you can find amazingly funky sport shoes at Amazon and other online stores. Recently I came across the Glow in the Dark running shoes fabricated by different brands like Puma, NB and Nike which brought me back to the wish of having funky colored trainers again.

Running shoe with lights for kids


Sport shoe brands and there Glow in the Dark trainers

New Balance
Reebok Kamikaze II Mid
New Balance Men's M1400
PUMA Mobium Elite Glow
New Balance Men's M870v3
PUMA Women's Bioweb Elite

Glow in the dark Reebok Kamikaze II

The Reebok Kamikaze fluorescent fashion sneaker.

The Reebok Kamikaze 2 Glow in the Dark Fashion Sneakers are one of the most funky sneakers I've seen for a while. They are relatively cheap sneakers, around the $42 and $110.
The glow in the dark basketball shoes are a start of a trend in the sport shoe industry.

Reebok's factory started of in the 1890s. J.W. Foster made some of the first running shoes with spikes. At the end of 1895 Reebok was in the business of making shoes by hand for top runners. And it didn't take long for Foster and Sons to develop into the international cooporation that they are today.

Puma Glow in the dark sneakers


Puma Mobium glow in the dark sneakers.

Personally Puma is my favorite brand, don't know why, perhaps because in general they do fit me fine. Or it's the wild cat printed on the shoes.

I was surprised to see that Puma went for the fluorecent sneakers as well. With their Mobium Elite Glow they really made a go for it.

But I discovered that the “performance trainer” can make you a faster runner, if used in the way it was built for..

The Puma Mobium comes with an elastic strip that's stretched through the mid-shoe which absorbs the impact when you land with your feet on the ground. It does feel as if you're running faster then normal. At the same time, the rest of the shoe adapts to your foot by expanding and contracting with each movement, all while providing snug cushioning throughout.

Running Along the Road with Glow in the Dark Shoes.

Glow in the dark clothing is a must if you want to run during the late hours of the day. Let yourself be seen with glow in the dark shoes. They are not only cool but can be life saving as well.

As a driver I often see people running along the road and it makes a huge difference if they are wearing fluorescent shirts, shoes or caps.


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