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Conceal Carry | New Gun in the house? Now you need a real plan to protect your family.

Updated on February 2, 2012

If you are a new gun owner you’re not alone. New gun sales are up across the country as people are concerned about self and family protection. But is your fa

The headlines after Black Friday 2011 showed gun sales as one of the leading consumer purchases. It should not be a surprise. It just shows how nervous people are about the economy and the sharp increase in crime including more armed robberies and home evasions.

It is a sad state when people feel they have to arm themselves to protect their homes and families, but family planning and protection is now unfortunately becoming a part of the American dream.

If you have decided to conceal and carry or just have protection at the bedside, the idea of being able to protect yourself and family needs to go far beyond just the purchase of a gun and ammo. In fact having a gun available brings on a whole new dimension in family safety. New communications, and boundaries need to be carefully considered and step by step safety precautions implemented.

Consider taking a conceal and carry class even if you don’t plan to carry the weapon or apply for a permit. They will teach you gun safety, handling and how to fire the weapon, but more importantly they also teach mental preparedness to protect yourself and you’re responsibly within the bounds of the law.

When you draw a weapon on an individual you are making a split second life changing decision. You don’t want to shoot a family member who should feel free to coma and go in their own home, a Good Samaritan or a neighbor pounding on your door or windows to tell you your house is on fire.

Without a plan and family education, the idea to protect the family with a gun could actually have higher odds in harming a family member, including the death of a loved one. Having a gun at the ready and keeping it locked up as required so that children don’t pick it up is a huge factor to consider. Not only could it cause harm, you can be charged as a criminal yourself if you don’t keep the gun safely out of the hands of kids, especially neighbor kids and friends who are visiting. Don’t count on your children being quiet about it, it is just one of those things they feel they have to show and tell, especially young boys.

The factor that many don’t consider is family education and drills for preparation of a home evasion. Such things as a family code word (password) that someone else maybe in the house without tipping off the intruder, a code word or system with acknowledgement worked out for family members walking into the house late at night so they are not mistaken as an intruder, or worse a code name and acknowledgement if the family member is being escorted into the home at gun point with an intruder.

Experts suggest families should have a secret code word or question established between kids and parents so they can call or text parents and tip them off if they are in trouble. That same strategy now needs to be taken into the home situation.

Other communication with distant family members, kids off at college and friends that may come home as a surprise, and end up being mistaken as an intruder are all factors that need to be considered with a weapon now in the home. Perhaps a cell phone call from the driveway policy should be implemented. All these people who could walk in on you in the middle of the night need to be notified that you have now purchased a weapon for self protection.

Do you have a family plan in case of a home invasion? It may sound like a military operation, instead of living in your own home but one thing you don’t want to have happen is family members running out to see what is going on between you and the door or window that some intruder is crashing through, or you yelling out to run one way and they run into the line of fire.

We do carry both leather and nylon conceal carry holsters at Cottage Craft Works.COM for those looking for a holster to carry safely.

Please protect your family and be safe.


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