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New Manchester United HOME Kit 2013/14

Updated on June 7, 2013

See the players trying it on for size

Death to the tea towel

The majority of fans will be glad to know that Manchester United have launched their new home kit already, after just less than a year since the last one. The previous style had experimented with a checkered pattern style, coming under a style named Gingham, which was a symbolic link to the history of the city of Manchester's industrial past, where the production of Gingham styled artifacts was once a part of its image and it perhaps doubled up as a homage to the great Sir Alex Ferguson, whose nationality i renowned for the sporting of checks on clothing.

The kit designers took a huge beating in public opinion and the new kit did not go down very well, most fans reported that they would not be buying the kit and critics from other teams likened it to a tea towel, with most fans seemingly opting to continue sporting the previous kit.

This new kit goes back to basics, with only a small experimentation on the collar, which also notably returns after being missing for a few seasons.

Here are the new pictures


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