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New NIKE Uniforms, Seahawks Again With The Ugliest Jersey In The NFL

Updated on May 9, 2012

When it was announced that Nike signed a 5 year deal to replace Reebok as the official supplier of NFL apparel, many players and fans expressed fears that Nike would make radical changes to their team's classic uniforms. After all, Nike does make the jerseys for the NCAA Team, The Oregon Ducks, and their jerseys look like they come straight out of a Sci Fi film. Not only that, but have you seen some of the shoes they are making lately? Many new models look like space boots from the distant future.

Most players and fans breathed a collective sigh of relief this Monday when the new gear was released, classic uniforms like the Steelers "black and gold", and the Vikings "purple and gold" or the Eagles "gang green", all appear to have changed very little. This all seems quite sensible, going with the principal that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", perhaps this is why the only team to see significant changes to their uniforms was the Seattle Seahawks. When you think about it, the Seahawks have always had some of the ugliest uniforms in the game, who can forget their dreaded "ninja turtle green" uniforms.

The new Seattle uniform consists of neon green scattered throughout the shirt, bordering the numbers and running down the side of the pants. There is a darker shade of blue on the home uniform, and they have a new alternate 3rd uniform in gray colors. The new digs also include graphics of Pacific Northwest coastal Indian artwork along the side of the uniform tops and pants and around the collar. The helmet features a larger Seahawks team logo winding all the way around the back of the helmet. There are 12 feathers on the side of the jersey which represents the team's infamous "12th Man.

Overall the new Seahawks jersey is much less radical than the Oregon Ducks jersey, and fans and players seem to be reacting favourably. Pierre Thomas of the Saints said: "Seattle has the hottest uniform right now, So I'm a little jealous. But I still love my all black. I think it looks nice." So far fans have offered a mixed reaction, but likely only time will tell, and undoubtedly how the team performs in the new digs will have a huge effect on whether fans except the new look.

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The New NIKE Seahawks Jerseys


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    • profile image

      revupyourswag 3 years ago

      Seahawks uniforms are way better looking than the Reebok uniforms. If you look at the Reebok uniforms today you will notice how outdated they look. The Nike jerseys are way better in all aspects and they fit better. Check out the Seahawks team store to find some new Seahawks merchandise:

      Go Hawks!

    • petenali profile image

      Pete 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Just found this hub - have to say I totally disagree. These Nike uniforms are progressive and will attract a new, younger breed of fans to add to the die hards. Tradition is good, but some of the "traditional" uniforms are just ugly and boring (in my humble opinion). These uniforms seem to be working for the Seahawks so far! BTW, my new Seahawks jersey is on its way to me right now and I shall be proud to represent!

    • JacobWeinstock profile image

      JacobWeinstock 5 years ago

      I absolutely agree. The Seahawks should be embarrassed to call this their uniform. I understand these 'far-out' designs in college. But come on, these are professional teams and athletes, they should look the part. They need to scrap these, and come up with a new, NFL-quality design.