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New Rules for World Cup Cricket?

Updated on January 27, 2015

Cricket was the dame of gentleman

The cogitations are under process to work out a plan to ban the batsmen; fielders and even umpires who nod yes on clean bowled. The cricket is being revolutionized by the modern ICC being monopolized by India. The committee is considering new fool proof rules and regulations and code of conduct, especially for Pakistani players and umpires and generally for all those teams, players and umpires who break their hearts and injure their feelings.
Cricket was the game of gentleman and now it is the game of politics. Gone are the days when cricket was a game. It was evaluated impartially. The rules of the game were almost just and equal for all. The ICC was in the hands of such people as love cricket. They were politically disinterested. The taboos were not allowed to interfere in the gaming process and allocation of tours and visits. There was an order and it was followed. There had been some skirmishes but these were between players only. The passions which were over controlled on defeat or victory were to be seen in the grounds. Ian Bothom was seen often engaging with the batsmen as a psychological warfare. West Indians were there to invent new gestures and body language.

Icc and Indian Cricket

Alas the days are no more and cricket is defunct from the grounds. It is now played in the offices of ICC and all boards. He would be the wisest politician who would be able to understand the shrewdness of ICC. The world politics are being played since the days when Indians are there in the ICC. They are coward yet crook. They conceal their shortcomings and deficiencies by inducing the ICC to ban such and such players. Pakistani players are their special butt. They are in search of the blames and accusations to put on the Pakistani players. The days are not far when you will hear that Pakistani star batsman would banned due to hiss suspicious batting action.
The statement would go like this' the batsman is asked to report to the ICC on the complaint of Indian Cricket board and clarify his batting action as he has scored many too many sixes and fours against India. The players is suspected as he could defeat India alone. And the worthy ICC which is a Pandora box of politics now a day would justify the accusations and would ban the player. It would be a new beginning. Afterwards the fielders would be banned for throwing ball too fast as it could injure the batsman. If India or ICC is allowed free hand they would feel no qualms of conscience to ban the umpires who lift their fingers upon the appeal of clean bowled by Pakistani bowler.

So far so good.


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