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New Shooting star from India-Rahi Sarnobot

Updated on May 14, 2013
Rahi, in her shooting practice
Rahi, in her shooting practice | Source

There are many who fulfill their destinies with gun. And here is yet another lady, Rahi Sarnobott, who has achieved great feet in shooting-25m pistol. This Indian had lately made news by winning the gold medal in the ‘Shooting World cup (for women)’ in the category of 25m pistol.

Rahi in brief:

Rahi, was born on Oct,30,1990 at Kolhapur,in Maharashtra state, India. Her father is F.Jeevan and Mrs.M.Prabha is her mother.At the ager of eight, when she was presented with a toy gun, she expressed her desire to her parents to excel in pistol shooting. They encouraged her. She was trained at Shiva Chatrapati Sports Complex, Pune,with 25m pistol.Anatoli Pidubani was her coach

A littlebit dwarf lady in size, she is inly 4.95 feet high.She weighs 46 kgs.

Recalling her bringing up, she says - “My family fulfilled my greatest desire of holding a gun. This desire sprouted in me at the age if 8. I had first expressed this overwhelming desire to my father Jeevan and mother Prabha ; they never said NO. Their encouragement was the key to my success in the shooting world cup tournament held in Changwan, Korea by ISSF” said the happy Rahi, the first ever lady to bring a gold in medal in shooting for India.


Rahi Sarnobot has also won a gold medal in the 2010 commonwealth games held in Delhi in the section of 25m pistol (pairs); she has also won a silver medal in the individuals’ category. She has not had much success lately. But she believes that success can bring further success. Hence she has been continuing her practice with more vigor. She practices 5-6 hours a day. She doesn’t skip a day without practice. Her house was her practicing area for many years. The government of Maharashtra has recognized her talent and has rewarded her with a ransom of Rs.1 crore ( 10 million rupees). Rahi is content with her success.

Rahi’s studies:

Rahi never neglected her studies. Rahi has finished her BBA(Bachelor of business administration) in Vivekananda college, Kolhapura. She believes that sports should go hand in hand with education. Rahi Sarnobot, the one who uses ‘ Sainvarek bow gun in shooting range wishes to hold a pen and complete her MBA (Master of Business Administration) .

Next goal:

“I have to put up a better game. I must win the upcoming tourney” says Rahi. Rahi is currently concentrating on the upcoming Olympics held in Rio di Janeiro, Brazil. She wants to set herself up for the Olympics by winning some medals in the Commonwealth and Asian games that are to be held beforeBrazil Olympics.



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