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New To The NFL - Spending Money

Updated on May 2, 2017

Welcome to the NFL

Welcome to the NFL

First I want to congratulate this young man for being drafted based on his athletic ability. Deshaun Watson spent his younger years in government subsidized housing projects. One of four children raised in a single family household, Deshaun has come far from his humble beginnings. In 2006 the family was awarded housing through Habitat for Humanity's partnership with Home For The Holidays, a charity created by Falcon's running back Warrick Dunn. Desaun's mother fought and won the battle against cancer and has been a cancer survivor for some years.

Let me say I am sick to death of the story of men creating children and disappearing. I'm sick of husbands, father of children, not being present in the lives of their children setting the proper example of what manhood is and how he should conduct himself as an adult. I'm sick of the excuses for failing to support the children a man creates, leaving women with the financial and emotional burden of raising children alone ensuring a difficult life due to the effects of living in poverty or lack. When left behind these children experience low self-worth, psychological trauma, confusion about relationships, and exposure to an educational system that represents the environment – left behind.

Is there anything wrong with showering your mother with a gift? -No. Should you have an understanding of your salary, income, and investments before you start spending money? When you grow up in an impoverished community often a mindset of “live-now” takes places rather than planning for the unexpected or tomorrow. Little to no exposure or example setting when it comes to money management can be a huge downside for those exposed to new found money. How well versed is a young man when it comes to understanding commissions, financial investments, and long-term financial planning to secure one's future? How well does he understanding money?

Good Times

Welcome to the N(Not) F(For) L(Long)


According to the NFL Players Association the average career length is 3.3 years. The NFL estimates the average football career to be approximately 6 years. ( Does the NFL take the time to partner a senior NFL member with a new recruit? Does the NFL present you with a few options regarding financial planners or a financial advisor? Does the NFL provide instruction on how to choose the right accountants, agents, business managers, publicist, public relations representative, or financial advisors? Does the NFL provide instruction regarding best practices when conducting yourself in public and the social scene? Does the NFL promote the message of safe sex and how to avoid gold-diggers that have researched their entire lives to try and get married or have a paycheck baby from athlete? I ask these questions because it seems that this organization that draws huge profits from the players takes a very hands-off approach when it comes to giving new recruits the tools to make their new lifestyle work? What's wrong with a 3 month requirement to go through an introduction to the NFL? In this three months they should understanding money management 101, how to conduct themselves in social environments to avoid negative press/media, conflict management skills, finances, social media, and gold-diggers. Instead of appointing someone for each player give some tips on how the player can choose the right consulting firm or people to assist with managing their money. Within this program examples of decisions made by past players both positive and negative should be used to illustrate money management skills. (Terrell Owens would be a great spokesperson showing how good intentions can financially ruin your finances.) Money management 101-don't spend every dime you make and don't spend what you don't have in hand. Please teach them about anger management, domestic violence, how to conduct oneself in public. A budget is not just for the poor-it's for everyone. While the NFL is not in the business of teaching life skills, based off the money generated from these players they deserve more than just signing the contract and being left to their own devices without knowledge to handle this career opportunity.


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