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New Food at Miller Park

Updated on April 29, 2019

This year there have been new food options added at Miller Park. These food options include a little something for everyone. They even added gluten-free and healthier vegetarian options to help please more fans. Some of the new food offers a unique option that is not traditional ballpark food. This is a list of some of the new items available for fans who attend a game at Miller Park. Compared to Guaranteed Rate field I always that Miller parks food has lacked in the variety that they have offered. It seems like Miller park is trying to add more options for fans to have a better experience here are some of the new options:

1. Elote en Vaso
This is grilled corn that is tossed in mayonnaise, chili powder, cilantro, lime just with a layer of cheese on top. This option is very different from your typical ballpark food and gives a fan a unique opportunity to try different food that would not normally be around. This is similar to the style of food that is very popular at Guaranteed Rate field. Guaranteed Rate has a lot of different types of corn dishes that they offer around that ballpark as well.

2. Bernie’s Chalet
This is a waffle that is a vegetarian option for guests to have. This is a Belgium style waffle made fresh with chocolate drizzled over the waffle for extra flavor. This is available at Bernie’s Chalet for anyone who would like to try this. Another option available at this stand is the Bavarian Pretzel a German-style pretzel I think this is due to the heavy German population in the area. Bernie’s has some cool options for fans that are unique to some individuals.

3. The Thai Peanut Dog
This is an interesting twist on the classic ballpark hot dog this is a hot dog that has cucumber, red cabbage, carrots, peanut sauce, sriracha, peanuts. And basil. This does not sound good to me, but it may interest some people. With how relevant peanut allergies are I am surprised that they decided to add this to the menu. But this gives a new look to a hot dog with interesting toppings that may or may not be a great choice. This would be a great option for tailgaters who don’t want to bring their own food.

4. Pete’s Pops
This is a really cool option that they offer this year to Miller Park guests. This popsicle shop is great to have on those hot summer days sitting in the sun. These popsicles are a great way to enjoy a sweet treat while trying to stay cooler. They offer a huge variety of flavors from classic popsicle flavors to unique options like their Arnold Palmer or blueberry basil lemonade flavors. Fans are able to see where everything is located at the ballpark though an app called MLB ballpark app which lets fans see where everything is located in the ballpark and what section is nearby a food stand. For fans who have been in the hot sun tailgating, it may be a great treat to have.

5. Variety of cheese fries
You can’t go to an event in Wisconsin without having cheese. Wisconsin is known for their cheese and they have added a couple of new types of cheese fries. Each of the new fries has beer-battered fries. The first is a Wisconsin Ultimate cheese fry which includes bacon cheese and cheese curds. This would seem to be a great hit because Wisconsin is known for its cheeses. Most people enjoy team fries and having some available with different toppings can possibly attract more customers.

6. Coming in May of 2019 JJ’s Bread and Butter
This is a cool option for fans to get once it debuts in May of 2019. JJ’s is Jeremey Jeffress food truck who actually plays for the brewers. He said that all the food that is served at his food truck is based off his favorite restaurant when he was growing up. His favorite restaurant was known for its fried seafood. The truck will have shrimp, fish, and scallops. His food truck is based on the restaurant Breedlove on the east coast where he grew up. Jeffress has been in contact with the owner of Breedlove to use the recipes that he has grown up with. This is a unique option for fans because there may be food trucks at or around a ballpark but none that a player owns and has a personal connection with. This gives fans and tailgaters of the Milwaukee Brewers a chance to feel a little closer to their all-star relief Picher and find out his favorite kind of food. This gives tailgates the option to buy his food and could possibly bring more fans to the game to try this new experience. This food truck is set to open on May 5th his bobblehead day at Miller Park. I think this would be a cool idea for more players or stadiums to do to have fans connect more with the players to see what their favorite food is.

These all seem like neat options that tailgaters and fans who attend games at the Miller park can try. The last options that I mentioned with JJ’s food truck seems like an interesting option that many people may enjoy. The popsicles seem like the other option that could take off because if you are sitting in the sun at the park on a warm day it can be exhausting these will help fans cool down. With the number of flavors, the park has available it may increase the interest of fans who tailgate at the park to buy food inside the park or at the food truck. All in all, I think these are great options available for fans and tailgaters that should in my option help the variety of food that is available at Miller Park.


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