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Night Fishing Tips in the Philippines - A Childhood Adventure

Updated on August 9, 2013

A unique adventure...

There are things that we are missing when we were in childhood. We get busy these days with our daily job and sometimes we tend to remember and do those things.

When I was in my elementary years, we used to go to our coastal areas near along our village to go fishing. One of my greatest adventures was fishing at night along the vast areas of dry sea bed from the lowest tide of our rich coastal area.

This has been part of the daily living of our people in the coastal villages. We get our food from our day to day consumption.

Now that I am a grown up man, I try to recall this adventure just last night. I went night fishing with my younger brothers.

Before proceeding to our adventure, important tips must be discussed first. Here are the things we did before going out for a night fishing. The safety measures are important, of course. Don't worry, after the tips, my night fishing adventure will continue.

Tips On Night Fishing In The Philippines

  1. Always stay fit before going out for a night fishing. You don't know if rain comes and your fever could get worst.
  2. Wear good shoes or boots to prevent injury on your feet as you look around for a catch.
  3. Coat is better than a T-shirt.
  4. Prepare necessary fishing gear by sharpening the knife, checking if the spear is dull, etc.
  5. Be sure that the fish container has no hole, intact, strong and has a deeper bottom so as to prevent the fish from jumping out of the container.
  6. Prepare or recharge the flash lights or kerosene light bulb (the traditional one).
  7. Reserve some flash lights for emergency. You don't want being trapped in the middle of the ocean without a light.
  8. Go early to survey the area for night fishing.
  9. It is good to start your catch while sea is going on low tide, or going on high tide because many fish come out (our grandparents taught us).
  10. Never play around the sea ground for safety purposes.
  11. Never step on any sea creature that you do not know. It might be a poisonous or harmful to you.
  12. In hitting your target fish above water, move your spear a little upward to hit the fish because the water will serve like a lens.
  13. If you catch something, be sure to place the fish at the bottom of the fish container so that it won't slip away.
  14. You will be enticed in the adventure so always check your bearings.
  15. Go home and cook your freshly caught seafood dinner.
  16. Thank the Creator for giving this wonderful thing to us.

Let's continue our adventure...

At 6:00 PM, we planned what to do and gather our fishing gear. Later, we proceeded to the shorelines with our fishing gear. We brought with us the container for the fish, crabs, etc. that we might caught along the adventure. We also have two flash lights, one for me and one for my younger brother.

The weather was fine but a little cloudy. I saw the crescent of the moon at a distant dark mountain and tried to resist looking around the area from the windy but warm air from the sea breeze.

Our First Catch...

We hit the first catch and guess what...look at the photo, it's a small crab. LOL! I can't imagine our seas are depreciating quickly on its biodiversity.

Before when I was a kid, we caught huge crabs and fish. Buy in this matter, this small crab is worth a dish to my brother for a caught fish at night seems to be a very delicious soup for a very satisfying meal. I know because I was like him before, struggling to have more excitement in childhood adventures.


Seeking more fish around the seashore lines

We moved from place to place to get bigger fish and we still find just crabs since the low tide that time was not to its lowest level.

As we went sideways to the right, we saw a splashing sound and there, we chased it and found this fish in the photo.

We used our spear made of small round metal attached to a pole in a trident style. After that we looked around and eventually went home.

I was happy but little sad of the poor situation of our coastal areas. I am thinking to myself if population makes our biodiversity to decline or the trend of fast growing industrial technology worldwide is affecting all natural resources in the oceans on this planet.

All I can share is that the excitement is still there even though I am at this age now.

The beauty of nature's adventure is still the contentment of the common people in our place.

How do you like night fishing?

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The good catch from night fishing in the Philippines
The good catch from night fishing in the Philippines | Source

Now, if you have question, just leave it in our comment section below. Please share your views and opinion. If you have done also night fishing in your area, try giving your additional tips. Please your concerns also.


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