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No Mike Leake Freak Show; Reds Lambasted

Updated on August 20, 2012

Reds Rocked by Phillies

by Robb Hoff

August 20, 2012

The Cincinnati Reds got to Philadelphia Phillies top ace Roy Halladay early and often, but that was only a moral victory sidenote to an otherwise ugly drubbing Monday night.

The Reds hitters will find some solace that they did scrape some runs across the plate against the pitcher who no-hit them in the 2010 playoffs. They did admirably, too, by connecting and advancing runners instead of relying on the long ball.

But all of the early optimism soon turned into a churning stomach if you are a Reds fans who had to watch an absolutely pathetic pitching performance by Reds starter Mike Leake.

Unfortunately, Leake looked like a Little Leaguer who won a drawing out of a hat to throw batting practice to a team who could have score 150 runs against Leake if the Reds had let him pitch a complete game. It was a clear reminder that Leake has no shot of being the Reds third starter in the playoffs, which could put him in jeopardy of even being included on the post-season roster.

The Reds bullpen didn't fare much better after Leake was mercifully pulled.

Homer Bailey will take his turn tomorrow. Given the garbage that Leake served up, it's hard to believe Bailey could fare much worse, but Bailey has been terrible for the last month after looking like he was clearly the third best pitcher in the rotation for most of the season.

Bailey has better stuff than Leake, but from the neck up, it's anybody's guess with Bailey. So tomorrow night's outing not only has the obvious impact of helping the Reds preserve their lead in the N.L. Central, but it will also help formulate how the Reds will approach the post-season rotation beyond ace Johnny Cueto and ace-in-waiting Mat Latos.


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