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Now I must stop whistling, the newly revised with whistling Godmother.

Updated on November 10, 2011

Now must I stop whistling, is this only for humans??

It was a rather successful day, in relation to what we had originally set out to do. That is myself and my neighbor. On our return home, my neighbor/ friend and myself, had both decided that we would go ahead and Bar Ba Cue some chicken, and make a small side dish, just to have something to eat and enjoy the remainder of the day.

I went over to my house changed my clothes, then went over to my neighbors house to pick a few things we had decided on, including the chicken, to return to my house where I can do the cooking.

On the way out the door getting ready to leave her house, still feeling the enjoyment of a profitable day , and I guess the success it had bought, I started whistling this happy song as I walked to the door.

Suddenly there was this screaming coming from inside, the sound was piercing to the ear, I heard her say "NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO! STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY "

I said what?

That whistling, don't whistle in the house! Didn't you know that whistling in the house brings down every bad thing you can imagine on you? She was furious. She said anyway "I bind the hands of the Devil in this house!"

Then she said do you mean your sister did not tell you about whistling in the house?

I said to her when I was a little boy growing up, I did hear a little something, mostly my mother and sometimes the neighbors too, would warn you of different things. But I have long grown to understand it's meanings and the reason why. That was then.

She said no, am telling you, have you been doing this for a long time ? I said yes all my adult life. I said OK, it's not my intention to do anything other than to always respect you, so you can rest assured, that I will at least try to remember whenever I come by, to never again whistle in your house.

I personally don't see anything wrong with it, or see no reason to believe otherwise and I truly don't. But in my house is business as usual.

She said No, No. Don't do that it's a very bad omen etc, etc. that I should ask my sister and my mother about this, and she had a rough attitude. For me I know it's business as usual, so I decided that since no man is an island, I will take the entire occurrence to the world, so maybe there are others who have experienced this same situation and have answers. yes from total strangers are sometimes the very best jury as a prerequisite for unanimous conviction and belief. That much needed help from strangers.

Does anyone know anything about this and what possible repercussions I am bringing on myself by doing something that I do enjoy when I do? Where is this one whistling?


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