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Now, It's The Ohio State....

Updated on June 12, 2011

Now, It’s The OhioState

The situation where college athletes keep on taking money and gifts… breaching the rules is a full grown pandemic and no punishment, in my humble opinion, is going to thwart these young men from challenged backgrounds from taking the money and gifts. USC and Ohio State are now tarnished, among others, for a half a decade or so until their respective college football programs are back on track.

I for one will not blame these athletes who take the perks because most of them have never had what is being offered – it’s akin to reasoning with the moth about its penchant for cozying up to the flames. What irritates me more is the coaches in these tainted programs who are making and have made millions off these kids backs; and in addition, many of us are speciously comparing the cars and Xboxes to the generous salaries ands attendant perks these coaches and universities receive from these athletes.

I am reminded that many of these athletes are mostly from black enclaves and that many of these universities had a hard time in the past in accepting these men of color who wanted to pursue academic endeavors – but money overcomes even the pesky issue of one’s hue that used to be a problem for many of these universities to accept. And while the coaches and their families are living the ‘good life,’ these young men are thanking Jesus that they escaped the concrete jungles.

Perhaps, this is the underlying reason why so many do not want to pay these athletes because, were one to sit and do the math to figure how much revenues in billions that these athletes generate… it would be criminal. I know that they are called ‘student athletes,’ but can we honestly say that the revenues generate for these big programs like USC, Ohio, and Michigan do not make out like bandits at the expense of these student athletes?

George Orwell, in his classic ‘1984,’ said that 'freedom is slavery'… and no more so is this a truism for the Black athletes engaging in college sports like football and basketball. I am going to play the proverbial pity fiddle because it is warranted for saying that these athletes are from areas where they do not have the basic necessities many take for granted and so now they go to these campuses and virtually everything is given to them – I picture someone escaping from the desert and being bereft of water and now being given a bucket of said water to drink from… I dare say that person would die from choking on the water offered in abundance. You may say that there are clean college athletic programs and that I am lumping in those stellar programs with the USCs - but I remembered when we said the same thing about The Ohio State too.

It would be a momentous undertaking were the rules to change, whereby we started paying these college athletes… but why the outcries since children actors make a mint in Hollywood. I know that there are those who do not see this as an apt comparison; if so, let me know. Tell me why it is ok for the universities and the college coaches to make millions off these kids, but these same kids are not allowed to take the perks offered. We have sanctioned the exploitation of many of these athletes by equating the four-year-degree to the literal billions many of these programs have generated – in Contract law, we call this an adhesion contract or at least, I could make the case that it is.


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