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Nurture Your Passion for Sports Again!

Updated on October 7, 2015

As our daily schedules are becoming hectic, we barely get time to think about our school or college days. Nowadays, you may hardly get time to revive your passion towards sports’ events and this thought may also strike you, “I wish! I could have tried to build my career in sports”. If you ever had passion for sports in your teenage then definitely you may have gone through this regret of not choosing sports as your career.

Now, you can find opportunities to nurture your passion for sports again via working in the field that is related with sports. People who are sports aficionados can work in such areas. For example, medical department for sports, management department of sports’ organizations, marketing industries of sports and many other occupations that are related to sports.

Some women may have also gone through the discriminations while making their career in sports, now there are various choices for them to rejuvenate their passion and can join any of the above mentioned industries. There are approximately six million jobs in occupations related to sports and you need to take special training to enter some of these industries.

Here, I am going to explain about some occupations, where one can apply for the job to retain their passion towards sports for whole life:

Sports Journalist
You can enter to the industry of sports’ journalism if you have enough knowledge on sports and have a good writing style. A sports’ journalist write various reports on the live updates of every match and events. One can enter this occupation after acquiring a four-year degree in journalism or with some content writing experience with passionate writing style. This type of job opportunity would available in organization of newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television channels. One can also start their career by going through internship in any of these industries.

As a Coach
What can make any situation more enticing rather than knowing that you have granted tremendous skills to various athletes? You can either work as a coach without being associated with any organization or being united with a college and school. You would love the experience of playing games with them again after a long time...

Professional Adviser
You can also be a professional advisor to guide the players for their fitness. For example, which exercise they should do according to the requirement of their body and physic. In this profession, you have to teach athletes about their diet plans that they should follow, guide them about their daily routines of exercises and also you have to teach them to stay healthy for a good lifestyle.

Sports Agent
Sports agents work as the professional athletes’ representatives and involves in negotiating contracts, salaries, and business development processes. One could get four years of educational degree in the stream of business or law to get job in this occupation. To achieve success in this profile, you should have qualities including convincing power, sales ability, and ability to work under stressful conditions.

Tips to enter occupation related to sports

  • Explore your skills as per your interest in the sports and find out how can you utilize them for any of the profession among the above mentioned profiles.
  • Analyze which profession can fill you with pride and satisfaction, then choose any profession among them.
  • Take advice from the professional counselor and go for those profile which seems more interesting to you.
  • Start working part time and take an internship from popular organization that works for sports organizations and can help you to enter these professions.
  • Apply for the entry level positions with hard work and set a goal to achieve a good position.

If you really have a passion and a soft corner for sports along with an interest in it too then you shoul.


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