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Mom and Son Run the Gate!

Updated on March 13, 2013

Just a short, fun blog for everyone, but especially those who run with their kids. I'm sure you can relate!

March 9, 2013 was an exciting day for my sister, Jo Anna and my nephew, Keegan as they set out early to run the Gate River Run 15K in Jacksonville, Florida. Keegan, who is just eight years old loves to run - just like his mom. He has run a couple of 5K races and regularly runs with his mom and dad in their runner-friendly neighborhood. Being just eight years old, Jo Anna was somewhat reluctant to let him run alone, even with her innate desire to speed ahead and set a new personal record. So, she tagged along just behind him and made the following cute and humorous observations:

  • Keegan's feet are small; the grates on the Main Street Bridge look like gaping holes.
  • Many people cannot properly identify roadkill; Keegan can. It was an O'possum, not a rat.
  • Eight year olds who have been instructed against littering for their entire lives cannot fathom discarding their water cup on the ground...even when 10,000 other cups litter the ground.
  • Eight year olds cannot resist the urge to kick the water cups discarded by other runners. Nor can they resist split-leaping over expansion joints on the Hart Bridge.
  • Even eight year olds do not like to be passed by people with strollers.
  • High fives are encouraging for kids; free popsicles are better.
  • Keegan's ability to understand and react to crisis is impressive.
  • Green monsters can be slayed by kids. He is the hero of his story.
  • I'm impressed by his physical endurance. I'm amazed by his mental stamina.
  • After 9.3 miles with a 1/4-mile sprint to the finish, the exuberant hug reduced me to a puddle.

A proud mom indeed. And yes, I am a proud aunt, aka Titi.


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