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Ohio State Buckeyes, The Bounceback

Updated on March 7, 2018

Ohio State Recruiting

The Best Recruiting Class
The Best Recruiting Class


Ohio State lost star defensive players in San Hubbard and Denzel Washington but were able to compensate for the loses with 3 ESPN 300 defensive tackle committs and the second ranked safety in this recruiting class in Tyreke Smith, who is also ranked 21 nationally. The Buckeyes added to their amazing running back duo with the 3rd ranked running back in this class, Brian Snead who is also ranked 80th nationally. The Buckeyes ended this recruiting class with the number one ranked group of recruits, with Georgia as a class second. But overall the loses they took will affect them but they were able to compensate extremely well. Their recruiting class has been second to none, with 17 ESPN 300 recruits committed and 16 already signed, as well as 13 ESPN 100 recruits with 12 of them already signed. With this recruiting the buckeye defensive line is even more deadly than they already were.

The Schedule

The Hardest Schedule
The Hardest Schedule

Their schedule

Ohio State has easily the hardest schedule, going up against powerhouses like Penn State or Wisconsin. While the Big Ten have Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Wisconsin with up and coming teams Maryland and Indiana along with Ohio State leading the way for the conference. Every team I mentioned there will face Ohio State, except for Wisconsin unless they make the Big Ten championship game. Now ”The Game” is the biggest rivalry in all of sports, Ohio State vs Michigan is never a go ahead win even if one team is ranked first and the other unranked. If a division 2 team and defeat a top 5 team in division one, appalachian State vs Michigan the biggest upset in college football history by the way, the biggest rivalry in possibly all of sports will never be a go ahead. The Big Ten is inching closer and closer to becoming the best conference in college football, since the SEC is on the decline, ironic because we just had a SEC national championship. But either way it’s true. The once great SEC with Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Florida, Mississippi State, and even Tennessee have been reduced to just Bama, Georgia, and maybe Auburn since their season this year looked like a fluke since UCF exposed them. Alabama has a very easy schedule, going up against a lack luster LSU and a fluke team in Auburn, they will most likely go 12-0 and make it to the SEC championship against Georgia. Georgis has Auburn, that’s it for their schedule. While the biggest Strength of Schedule besides Ohio State is Oklahoma, going up against TCU, West Virginia, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State. Oklahoma State is on the decline having only 3 ESPN 300 recruits and one isn’t signed yet. And Iowa State has only one ESPN 300 recruit that has enrolled. Clemson is another team that has a hard schedule but it doesn’t match up, with only one good team in South Carolina to face. Ohio State is an amazing team that, if they go undefeated which they should they are better than every team on their schedule even if it’s not by much, they better get ranked first or I will be mad.

The Overall Team

I know he’s not on the team I just really like this picture
I know he’s not on the team I just really like this picture

The Team

The team is hard to write about since many things changed but at the same time the changes weren’t that huge, since the Buckeyes lost only three notable players to the NFL so their team is almost entirely intact. But one of those players is JT Barrett, the greatest Buckeye to ever play the game that is college football. He went 4-0 against Michigan, so his leadership is exetremely needed against that team and he knows how to beat them. The team has one of the best defensive lineman in the country in Nick Bosa coming back for his Junior year, as well as some of the best defensive players in the country coming and staying, in Tyreke Johnson, Dre’mont Jones, and Nick Bosa. Every player there and more is someone the opposing offense should absolutely fear. The offense has one of the best wide receivers in the country returning in Paris Campbell, J.K Dobbins, and Mike Weber, and deadly weapons. But the one position they are lacking is QB, losing JT is terrible for the Buckeyes, considering that they didn’t get a QB in their recruiting class. But in the few games Dwayne Haskins played he has shown flashes of becoming the next great Buckeye QB. So all in all, the Buckeyes are primed for a championship run with the roster they have. They probably have the best defense in the country, atleast second, although I cant think of anyone else with a better defense.

Way To Early Predictions

Go Buckeyes
Go Buckeyes

Playoffs and Top 25

with college football looking exetremely rigged, it’s hard to say the rankings but who has a better team that the Buckeyes? Alabama, they lost their best wife receiver to the NFL in Calvin Ridley and Minkah Fitzpatrick a very good defensive back. Clemson, maybe but their offense is lacking. Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield WAS that team and they lost 8 key players to the NFL. But, my Way To early Top 10 are:

1. Ohio State

I already went into detail.

2. Clemson

They fixed their QB problem by getting the number one ranked recruit in Trevor Lawrence, the problem with him is he isn’t a great dual threat. In college football a dual threat QB is practically essential. While their wide receiver class is lacking only a little bit, they don’t have much of a run game. Where their leading rusher had only 766 yards. While teams like Ohio State has JK Dobbins who had 1000 yards last year not including the bowl games.

3. Georgia

Georgia picked up the second ranked recruit in the nation and the number one ranked dual threat QB, in Justin Fields. As well as the number one ranked running back in Zamire White. Overall, I have the Dawgs taking the SEC Championship against Alabama and making it into the playoffs.

4. Alabama

Keep in mind, these are when the season starts not when it ends. Bama lost keys parts of their team but it doesn’t change the fact their team is still amazing, they still have Jalen Hurtz and most of their defense. They picked up some good players in recruiting in number 1 ranked wide receiver Savion Smith and 4th ranked cornerback in Eyabi Anomi. Sorry if I spelled his name wrong, if you see it you’ll know why.

5. Penn State

With a hugely dominate defense and most of their players staying, except for Saquan Barkley which is a huge loss, but they attempted to make up for it by dominating their passing game, they recruiting 4 ESPN 300 wideouts and 2 ESPN top 10 wide receiver. They got their offense back on track but their lack of a run game will hurt them badly.

6. Wisconsin

They have a dominate defensive line that make up for their slight lack of a dominate offense. Although their offense is very good it’s not close to the level of Ohio State’s or Penn State’s. But their amazing defense does put them into the top 8 teams, slightly however.

7. Washington

With many of their teams stars and key players returning, and having a pretty good recruiting class with 9 ESPN 300 recruits and 3 top 100 recruits all signed except for one who is a hard commit. They dominated their rivals and ended their season nicely at rank 11, with their amazing Tailback in Myles Gaskin who had 1,380 yards and 21 touchdowns rushing. They will attempt a CFP run but won’t make it in.

8. USC

This will be the last one I go into detail but after being exposed as being just another very above average team by Ohio State, they shouldn’t have been ranked top 5 in the first place and won’t be for hopefully the next few years. But overall the team lost their star QB Sam Darnold so I bet they will be even lower that 8th.

9. Oklahoma

10. TCU

11. West Virginia

12. Stanford

13. Michigan State

14. Michigan

15. Oklahoma State

16. Auburn

17. Washigton State

18. Virginia Tech

19. Miami

20. Notre Dame

21. UCF

22. LSU

23. Mississippi State

24. South Carolina

25. Texas


1. Ohio State 13-0

2. Clemson 12-1 Lose to South Carolina

3. Georgia 12-1 Lose to Auburn

4. Michigan State 11-1 Lose to Ohio State

I know Michigan State is a stretch but I feel as if they are just that team that feels like a wildcard.


1. Ohio State vs 3. Georgia. Buckeyes win


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