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Hiking Around Sooner Lake, Oklahoma

Updated on April 10, 2018
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Joanna Blackburn loves exploring Oklahoma hidden treasures. With each hiking trip, she discovers the wonder of nature.

Hiking Around Sooner Lake, Oklahoma


Quick Note

I have traveled all around Oklahoma, exploring the different lakes. I now chose to share them with the world. I just hope those reading this now, I write these because I went, not that I went to write this.

I love exploring strange places I have never been before and hope you enjoy reading about my Oklahoma Adventures. If you have any questions please leave a comment at the bottom.

Sooner Lake

Sooner lake is located in Pawnee County, Oklahoma. It is north of Stillwater and South of Ponca City.

You will not be able to miss it if you stay on 177.

Thunderstorms don't stop me

I arrived at Sooner shortly after a thunderstorm had passed over it. This made the air stuffy and humid. There was a gentle breeze, but the overgrown woods surrounding most of the lake I couldn't feel it, until I got into an open area on a hill. So it made for a long hot day, which resulted in many pictures and a sunburn.

Sooner Lake, Oklahoma


Go north on 177 out of Stillwater until you run into it, or go south on 177 from Ponca City, you will pass over the lake before you will see the road to turn on.

Exotic Blooms

What kind of butterfly is this?
What kind of butterfly is this? | Source

Butterfly Surprise

Upon arrival I spotted an amazing bush and ran back to the truck to get my camera. When I returned there was a butterfly eating nectar. This butterfly reminded me of a hummingbird because it didn't stay still. The wings were flapping as fast as a hummingbird. I quickly snapped several photos, but only one had the beautiful creature in it. The bush was one I was not familiar with but after several days of research I found it.

Exotic Button Bush

These bushes are scattered around the lake. They are a source of food for many.

Birds eat the seeds.

Ducks use it to protect their nest.

Deer eat the foliage.

Insects and butterflies harvest the nectar.

Bees use it to make honey.

These bushes are found near or in the water.

Shade at last


The lonely Tree

After launching the boat, I wondered around. This area of the lake was open space and is set up for grilling and picnics. The only relief from the sun was this shade tree sitting in a field away from the grilling area.

Water front view


I hopped on the boat and went across the lake to the other boat dock. I climbed up the steep hill and found this beautiful resting spot. I had a great look at this huge lake.

Boat dock

View from the cliff
View from the cliff | Source

Breathtaking view

Standing on the ledge I took in the breath taking sight. The breeze was relaxing and I took a seat. Looking down in the water, there was several turtles playing on the rocks and on the shore was one single bloom.

I tried to find out what it was and I have yet to be able to identify it. If you know what it is, please leave a comment telling me.

What kind of flower is this?
What kind of flower is this? | Source

Sand Rock Stones


Fossils found

Taking the time, I really looked closely at the Sand Stones that surrounded the trees. I not only noticed several perfect circle holes, I spotted fossils in them. I did not get a clear enough picture to share with you.

Take the time to go see for yourself.

Exploring Time

I began to explore this area and noticed that sand stone surrounded many trees that where scattered on hills in open fields.

Some of the trees on the edge of the woods also had big sand stones, I climbed up a few, but was unable to enter the woods. The trees, bushes and prickly vines ran so thick, it would be too dangerous to make my way through them. I really don't like to be surprised by snakes.

Then I headed to a large hill in the middle of an open meadow.

The Old West


Standing Still

I climbed up the grass covered hill and felt like I had stepped into the Wild West. I enjoyed watching the cows and horses roam freely. Wading in and out of the water to cool off from the unforgiving sun.

Ducks were busy splashing and playing in the lake, not caring how close the other animals were.

This wonderful site made my brain stand still, I watched nature at its finest moments. Along the shoreline were many yellow bushes, I really wanted to know what they were, but I didn't want to disturb anything by walking through the open field. So turned around and found a fence, I had wondered into a fenced in field. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to be there or not.

All along the fence line were dug out holes and dens. I think these were made by rabbits, because the field was filled with many species from the carrot family.

What do you think?

Do you agree that its a rabbit den?
Do you agree that its a rabbit den? | Source

Plant Life

Since it is early July some of the plants are either in early stages or in late stages of blooming.

The whole area around the lake is covered with Osage Orange Shrub and Stag bush.

If you look hard, from time to time you will find a Purple Basil Plant.

Help Identify these Plants

These open fields are filled with many useful herbs and flowers. I have chosen only a few to share with you. I will use the rest in another hub.

The first one I have figured out that its a Colt's Foot, but I need help identifying the rest of them.

If you want to help, please comment at the bottom and use the corresponding letter.

Colt's Foot


What kind of cone flower?

A | Source

What kind of mushroom is this?

B | Source

What am I?

C | Source

What is this?

D | Source

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