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Roll with the Oklahoma City Thunder: Gifts for the Basketball Fan

Updated on June 14, 2012

Oklahoma Professional Basketball. That just sounds right. For far too long, Oklahoma has been without a popular professional sports team. Sure, we have the Sooners and the Cowboys, and of course there's the Oklahoma Wranglers, but to have a professional team of this caliber is unreal.

Like it or not, the Oklahoma City Thunder is here to stay. Nothing feels as good as watching Kevin Durant slam home another three, and nothing sounds as good as that sweet swish of the net. No matter what they say, Oklahoma Basketball has arrived. Time to get your game on and Thunder Up!

Casual Styles for the Oklahoma Thunder Fan

These outfits are standard wear for any Oklahoma City Thunder fan - in fact, the entire downtown district in Oklahoma City should be colored blue. These basic styles go with anything, and always look sharp no matter what you put them with.

Casual and comfortable, this Oklahoma Thunder t-shirt and sweatshirt are bound to make people notice.  Throw on the cap and you're ready for whatever happens..

Styles for the Hard-Core Oklahoma City Thunder Fan

These styles really show your support. If you're the type that can't sit still in the stands, and can't get enough of Oklahoma Thunder basketball, this is for you. You'll look both stylish and confident wearing your 3-in-1 combo t-shirt and official team hat, and the watch simply adds a little somethin' somethin' extra.


The analog watch is made of stainless-steel and is water resistant for up to 30 meters. It also includes a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

The 3-in-1 combo set includes both a short sleeve t-shirt and a long sleeve t-shirt, both featuring the Oklahoma City Thunder logo displayed front and center.

Styles for the Hard-Working, Hard-Living Thunder Fan

Nothing says "sexy" like a strong man in faded clothes and wearing a hardhat. At least, that's what I've been told.

This Oklahoma Thunder t-shirt is perfect for work or play, and looks even better with a faded pair of blue jeans. While the hard-hat is not typical wear, it will make a stunning impression on the jobsite. Nothing says "My team is going to crush your team" like a big man showing off his Thunder pride.


It's the weekend and the game is on, but you don't feel like getting all decked out - not to worry, throw on a pair of Thunder pajama pants and a Kevin Durant t-shirt and you're good to go.

For the Thunder Fan, nothing shows pride more than strutting around in your plaid boxer shorts. Just be careful, it may be too much for your girlfriend to handle.

Styles for the Ladies

Of course, it wouldn't be right to leave out the ladies..

Show off your Oklahoma Thunder pride in these casual t-shirts. They look great with anything, and are stylish no matter what's going on. Throw on the cap and you're ready hang with the boys.

For a more refined look, throw in some accessories. The heart-shaped watch works great for date night, while the Elegance Series watch is perfect for business wear.

For the Home and Office

No home would be complete without the obligatory 11" Oklahoma Thunder Garden Gnome. This little dude is the perfect watchdog for those sly little basketball stealing thieves.

...Ok, so maybe a Garden Gnome isn't your idea of style, but that's alright. Not everyone can feel the love for a funky little garden gnome..

Whatever your style, the important thing is to show your Oklahoma City Thunder Pride. This team brings a lot to Oklahoma, so it is important to show our support in whatever way we can. Oklahoma has entered a new age, and Thunder basketball is a driving force not to contend with.

Go Thunder!

About the Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder began as the Seattle SuperSonics in 1967. After the devastating hurricane that hit Louisiana, a deal was struck to bring the Hornets to Oklahoma. During the 2006-2007 season, the Hornets called Oklahoma home, and proved that the state could host a professional sports team.

During their final years in Washington, the Seattle Supersonics were plagued with many financial problems. Ultimately, this pushed the management of the Supersonics to sell. Several interested residents banded together and bought the basketball team. In 2008, the Thunder played their fist game in Oklahoma City.

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