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Olympic Swimmer Mess

Updated on August 19, 2016

As we all have heard by now Ryan Lochte and a other Olympic swimmers are in quite a bit of a pickle in Rio. All over the news different stories are being told but I sit here and wonder what the real story is. As I sit here wondering I think about how drunk they might have actually been to think they were being robbed. I also sit her wondering if the story they told is actually true. I have no idea either way and I'm not about to judge anyone or anything till I hear the full story and see evidence. As told originally, the swimmers were at a gas station and when they left they were pulled over in their taxi by a car with police impersonators in it. Come to find out, that story was not actually true. What Rio is saying states that the Olympic swimmers were at a gas station and did damage to the property and were confronted by security personal. I have no clue as to how or why this happened. I am pretty sure none of you do either. In my opinion(which really doesn't matter)I believe the swimmers may have thought they were being robbed. If the swimmers were as drunk as some believe I can see where when confronted by ununiformed security personal with weapons could appear to be a robbery, especially if the security personal demanded money. With that being said, how drunk you possibly be to not remember what just happened. In all this story has been covered widely in the news and through different media outlets. In my opinion, I could care less. There are more important things that could be covered. For instance, the major flooding in the state of Louisiana, the tons of homeless veterans living on the streets, and the children without a stable family or home. These stories are much more news worthy in my opinion. Until the complete story unfolds in Rio, lets all just assume that those American swimmers were drunk and have absolutely no clue what happened that night. Send your prayers to the state of Louisiana.

Do you believe the American swimmers account of the events in Rio.

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