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Olympic Torch of Pride

Updated on May 11, 2013

World Pride for Athletes

It doesn't matter what country we are from or how much we are involved in sports in our everyday lives but when it comes to the Olympics we are living through the athletes that represent our countries. They represent our countries in many events giving their all to succeed in coming home with a medal. They train for years to be ready for that chance to shine in all their glory at the Olympics. To even get to the point of being chosen to represent one's country is a feat within itself as only a small handful of athletes from each country will ever make it to the Olympics. I can't imagine the kind of pressure the athletes feel when they know that this is their chance to excel to the top of their sport; knowing they must stay focused,giving their all to be at the top of their game.

Missing their Mark

While watching the Olympics I have seen athletes having a bad day were they have missed their mark, have fallen or have even been disqualified etc. My heart went out to them even though they all were not Canadian athletes but I felt sad for them knowing how their dream had just been crushed that they had worked so hard to attain.

Cheering for Other Countries

I find myself shouting out loud at my television cheering the Canadian athletes mostly but events that they are not in I am cheering for other countries athletes. I get such a natural high from watching the Olympics especially when the athletes I am cheering for do well in their events. I really enjoy watching the little biographies they do on the individual athletes; giving us a more personal connection to them. Some of the athletes went through and are going through much personal hard-ships to be participants in the Olympics.

Great Respect for Athletes

Some having lost loved ones, others suffering physical injuries which they have managed to overcome to be here as an athlete at the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. Their stories have tugged at the heart-strings of us all; they have shown us what sacrifices they have made to make their dreams come true. Not only do these supreme athletes suffer severe physical pain and endurance to achieve their goals but also much mental anguish as well. Especially athletes that have recently lost loved ones having to deal with this loss and competing in the Olympics at the same time. Many of these athletes knew that their deceased loved ones would want them to carry on and go for their dream of being an athlete representing their country at the Olympics. Some of the athletes carried pictures of their deceased loved ones which gave them a way of sharing their Olympic experience with them. I have great respect and admiration for these athletes that have suffered such loss and heart-ache being able to keep themselves together and carry on. These athletes deserve a medal just for being able to move forward and compete during such emotionally draining times. It just goes to show the amount of mental discipline these athletes have; my hat goes off to them as I respect them more than words can say.


I know that we all carry a torch of pride for our countries athletes and so we should helping to keep our countries united and strong! Cheering our countries athletes on supporting them whether they win a medal or not is so important in keeping the athletes moral up. We just have to remember the many hardships athletes have gone and are still going through in their personal lives and yet were still able to make it into the Olympics! I say let's keep the torch of pride burning for all the athletes that have been able to overcome much to represent their countries in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Cheers to the athletes of the world who have given us an Olympic Games that we will carry a torch for within our hearts for many years to come!

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    • Ebonny profile image


      7 years ago from UK

      I sometimes feel a bit sorry for competitors when, having not achieved their goals, they get a microphone shoved in their face and have to comment before they have even had a chance to come to terms with their disappointment. Seems a little unfair on them when they are maybe feeling very vulnerable.

      I agree background information about the competitors is great as it makes you more drawn to people when you know their story.

    • rcrumple profile image


      7 years ago from Kentucky

      I feel your sentiments and agree!

      I do have one gripe that won't win me many votes. While watching the medal ceremonies of the women's gymnastics team competition, four of the team members were fixed on the flag as it rose above the stadium. The other team member's eyes were darting from side to side, as if the flag was the last thing on her mind. When this individual won the all around, I told my wife to watch her eyes. A repeat performance took place. I think this young lady is a wonderful athlete, probably very personable and good hearted and a very good hope for future competitions. I just wish someone would instill a little national pride and respect in her repetoire. This is the only area in which I see Gabby Douglas lacking.

      Strong Hub! Up & Interesting


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