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One World Futbol Project Ball Review

Updated on February 23, 2013

One World Futbol

One World Football Project soccer ball
One World Football Project soccer ball | Source

What is the One World Futbol Project?

The One World Futbol Project focuses on making an impact by bringing the world's most beautiful game to kids living in disadvantaged areas around the world. They have developed a soccer ball that is virtually indestructible and can be used on anything from rocky pavement to grass. The ball is puncture-proof and never needs to be pumped up with air. The ball is the standard size and weight of a traditional size 5 ball. The idea was born when inventor and songwriter Tim Jahnigen visited refugees in Darfur and noticed kids playing soccer with a ball of trash. The conceptual ball was made a reality when the world-renowned musician Sting began to fund the concept.

The unique never-go-flat ball is also environmentally friendly. Twenty million deflated soccer balls are thrown into trash heaps every year in Africa alone. A single One World Futbol Project ball can outlast many lifetimes of a regular inflatable bladder core soccer ball.

Circular Valve on One World Futbol

Circular valve that allows the ball to maintain structure.
Circular valve that allows the ball to maintain structure. | Source

'One World Futbol Project' Ball Review

The ball is eyecatching due to its light blue color and features no seems or stitching. The covering has a slight plastic sheen to it and has a plastic feel to it as well. The design features an appearance of having panels like a traditional ball, but the covering is one solid piece with no stitching or bonding, except for a 4 inch circle that acts as a valve to maintain the structure of the ball. There are two One World Futbol Project logos embossed on the ball.

A golden Chevrolet ball is also available for General Motors employees, along with family and friends of General Motors employees. The golden ball can be purchased using a General Motors employee discount code. An additional $5 discount will also be applied when using the discount code.

The material of the ball is perfect for all types of weather. It does not become waterlogged when used in the rain. Cold weather may cause the ball to become a bit more rigid than normal, but regular balls take on the same rigidity when cold.

Characteristics During Play
The rebounding characteristic and bounce is a little more dampened compared to a regular ball. The rebound trajectory is predictable, but the ball may fall shorter than anticipated. This is a small trade-off for a ball that can take hours of abuse. The characteristics make it perfect for rough and bumpy conditions since the ball dampens bad bounces a little bit. Juggling feels natural and seems a little easier due to the slight dampening when impacted. Goalkeepers and players that utilize long passing might find that the ball doesn't fly as far as a regular ball, but again this is a small price to pay for a nearly indestructible ball.


The One World Futbol Project has a unique 'Buy One, Give One' program. Two balls can be purchased, but one is sent to a disadvantaged community somewhere in the world for kids to enjoy. The other ball will of course be yours to keep. A single ball can be purchased and donated if you do not want a ball for yourself.


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