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Opening a Fairfield company baseball repack box

Updated on May 25, 2014

I got back into baseball card collecting around September of 2012 after absence of over 10 years, and one of the things that caught my eye was a series of products put out by the Fairfield Company. Basically, the company put out boxes of older loose cards with a couple of packs from the previous couple of years with some stars guaranteed, or two rookies guaranteed depending on what you bought.

Well, Target and Walmart had many offerings from this company, only they included a box of just loose wax packs from the past. These helped me re-start my collection, making up for xsome of the years I missed.

Target started carrying a 20-pack box with one guaranteed "hit" in each package. The hit could either be a game-used card or an autographed card. So, I started buying them along with packs of current Topps' offerings.

Last Monday, I made a sojourn to Target, and bought a repack box, and it turned out to be a pretty good one. Here's what I got:

The guaranteed hit was this Garrett Anderson 2008 Allen and Ginter Game-Used card. The original Allen and Ginter company issued some of the first baseball cards in the 1880's stuffed in cigarette packages. Topps revived the brand in 2006 and the design is my personal favorite of all the cards issued today. So getting a hit from that brand was fantastic!

This David Price card came out of a pack of 2012 Topps in the box. And it is a black refractor, the first one I've ever gotten. Only 100 of each card were ever produced, so this was a nice surprise for me. Anything which was made in a small quantity is always welcome.

And, being an Oriole fan, any cards of the O's players are good. Here's a Brooks Robinson 1972 Mini card from Topps 2013 as well as this Manny Machado Chase it Down insert, also from Topps 2013. Nice to get cards of the greatest third baseman in O's history, and the guy who might replace him as that standard.

Of course, there are junk wax packs in there as well. 1990 Donruss, one of the worst card products of all-time, seems to be in every box, along with 2008 Upper Deck First Edition, but those are the things you expect in these repacks. Not everything is gold. At least I can donate them to Goodwill at the end of the year and get a tax write-off.

I will keep updating you on my buys over the year and let you know how I'm doing. If you're a high-roller in the card industry, I wouldn't bother with these things, as you aren't gonna pull any $100 cards out of there. But if you just collect for fun or to fill your low-dollar inventory, you can do worse


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