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Opening three new boxes of 2014 baseball cards

Updated on July 16, 2014

On Monday I had a few extra bucks, so I went to Target to buy some baseball card boxes. I knew that the new Allen and Ginter product was out, so I hoped to get one. I ended up buying two of those and one box of Topps 2014 Archives, a product that I really like a lot.

One thing I love about collecting cards these days is that you not only get cards of current stars and hot rookies, but cards of old-timers and Hall of Famers as well in most products. And Archives doesn't disappoint. This box sure didn't!

Speaking of hot rookies, in the second pack, I got this Jose Abreu rookie. He's the major league leader in home runs with 29, and will probably end up the American League rookie of the year, especially with Yankee pitcher Masahiro Tanaka on the disabled list, and possibly gone for the season. A nice find!

And there were lots of Hall of Famers in this box. This is a sampling of what I got this time. That's my second Frank Robinson card, and I love the Stan Musial card with the old gray wool Cardinals' jersey. Very cool!

Of course, I also was happy to get two Orioles' cards, one of rookie Jonathan Schoop, and one of the new Jim Gentile, Chris Davis. (One day I'll write an article comparing the two.)

And to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the movie "Major League", cards of the stars of the movie in character are among the offerings, and this one of Roger Dorn, the lazy, self-centered third baseman played by Corbin Bernsen, was part of this box. An interesting card, for sure.

So, I was having a good day so far, and then I tackled the Allen and Ginter boxes. The card design doesn't do much for me. It's a little cluttered, and didn't wow me like last year's product. But I did get some good Hall of Famers out of it, as you can see here.

Now, blaster boxes are not known for a high yield of memorabilia cards, so I wasn't expecting much, but in the last pack of the first box was a relic card of the hottest pitcher in the game right now, Clayton Kershaw. Nice. I thought, well that was a nice pull, I guess the second box will have nothing.

The first pack of box #2 had this Larry King relic. King is best known for both his radio show and for being married several times, but he is a knowledgable baseball fan, and an oddball relic is a good find. I'll probably let this one go for sale, but I gotta figure out what to sell it for.

So that's what I got at Target, a good day of ripping for me, and lots of good base cards for my collection. I'll let ya know when I get my next haul!


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    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 3 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      Great review and I love the Larry King relic. Track it on eBay for a few days before posting it for sale. I've not busted A & G yet but I absolutely agree that the Archives blasters are great!