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New Attractions and Rides in Orlando Florida

Updated on June 30, 2012

Orlando Florida

Orlando's Latest Attractions and Rides for

Jump aboard and prepare yourself for the time of your life, Orlando's theme parks have pulled out all of the stops and have introduced some stunning new rides and attractions that will get your pulse racing, your heart pumping and your adrenaline levels will go through the roof. This year your vacation in Orlando will be the most memorable ever.

There are Roller coasters, Water rides, a Simpsons ride (at long last) and that is just for starters.

Let me take you on a journey through Orlando's theme parks and introduce you to the new rides and attractions for 2008 I am sure we will have a great time

The Simpsons come to Florida

Universal Studios

Lets begin our Orlando tour at Universal Studios where the Simpsons will be appearing soon.

The Simpsons

Universal Studios are proud to welcome The Simpsons to Orlando, join Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in Krusty Land.

Where you will discover a different side to Springfield, as you enjoy thrill rides, dark rides and live shows.

Matt Groening, the Simpsons creator has been working closely with Universal's Designers to create the first ride based around the worlds favourite cartoon family.

Shrek 4-D

Wearing your green "Ogre Vision Glasses" you will watch Shrek, Donkey and Friends take on some ghosts.

Men In Black Alien Attack

Hitch a ride on a high tech MIB training vehicle, and race after aliens, on the streets of New York in the world's first ride through interactive video game.

Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast

This is a great ride for the kids, where they can board their own rocket for a wild chase through all of their favourite toons, including SpongeBob, Rugrats and Fairly Odd Parents.

Busch Gardens The Wild Surge

Busch Gardens

Busch gardens is a great place to visit on our second stop.

The latest attraction to the animal theme park allows visitors, to experience two of the worlds most endangered species, the Orangutan and the Bengal tiger.

There are also two new rides for visitors to enjoy.

Jungle Flyers

A zip line that gives flights above the treetops.


The Wild Surge

A pneumatic ride that launches passengers out of a mountain crater and up above a waterfall

Aquatica The First New Orlando Theme Park For 7 Years


After Universal Studios and Busch Gardens our third stop should cool us down a little and leave us feeling refreshed for our fourth stop.


Thereis a brand new Waterpark in town that opens it's doors in March 2008, this brand new attraction promises to blow you away, with unique under water experiences, amazing animal habitats and you can get close up with dolphins and tropical fish, created by Sea world Aquatica boasts 36 water slides, six rivers and lagoons and sandy beaches.

Thrill rides and gentle attractions side by side to delight the whole family.

Aquatica is a definite DO NOT MISS this year.

Disneys Hollywood Studios

Disney World

A visit to Orlando wouldn't be complete without a visit to Disney World, after all Mickey mouse is the reason most people go to Orlando, Lets see what's new here for 2008.

Disneys MGM Studios

The first change here is the name, Disneys MGM Studios is now Disneys Hollywood studios.

Toy Story Mania

Based on the Disney-Pixar Toy Story films. The interactive 3-D ride will offer video game-style fun. It will use a carnival midway theme and will move guests through a series of 3-D-enhanced "game booths" where they will rack up points by using onboard toy cannon controllers. For example, guests will throw virtual darts at balloons in one scene; in another, they will toss softballs into milk cans. Characters from the films, such as Woody and the Little Green Men, will coach the players.


Debuting at the Studios park in 2008 will be Block Party Bash, a high-energy interactive parade that will feature characters from Disney-Pixar films such as Monsters, Inc. and A Bug's Life.

American Idol

Late in 2008, Walt Disney World introduces a new attraction based on the hit show, "American Idol." at Disney's Hollywood Studios, park guests will have the opportunity to audition for the chance to strut their stuff before a live audience on a mockup of the "Idol" set. Judges will rate and review the contestants performances, and the park will stage a finale at the end of each day to crown a winner. According to info released by Disney and "Idol's" producers, the park's daily winners who want to pursue the real "American Idol" will receive a guaranteed reservation to bypass the lines at a regional competition.

Epcot Centre

Ever fancied a trip in a hot air ballon?

Then the epcot centre is the place to visit in 2008, the balloon made up to resemble, Epcot's Spaceship Earth, will give you view of the park that you will never forget.

At Epcot, the iconic Spaceship Earth gets a makeover with a new story, new interactivity, new narrator, and a new musical score.

Thank you

Thankyou for joining me on my virtual trip to Orlando, I hope that you enjoyed the trip as much as I did, please remember if you visit Orlando for real this year to come back here and let everyone know all about the new rides and attractions.

have fun and enjoy your vacation.


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    • profile image

      sophie x 8 years ago

      Florida, when i went was a fun experience for all the family + a great time for the kids to make new friends, i was only about 8 myself when i went in 2006 + i had a blast, off again next year and can't wait to experience the new thrill packed rides! =) x

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Florida is a veritable playground for kids and adults alike.