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Sesame Place

Updated on March 7, 2016


The day before we were planning to go to Sesame Place we went on and paid for our tickets. While on the site we were also able to pay for parking to make it easier and to eliminate the need to have cash when we got there. We opted to pay for the preferred parking. We also opted to purchase 2 passes for the Abby's magic queue to avoid waiting in long lines to get on rides. By purchasing our tickets to the park online, we not only saved $10 on each ticket, we were able to get a second visit to the park, free!!!!! While exploring the website we found that there is a character lunch as well which seemed like a fun idea. We know our toddler loves to see the characters anywhere and gets a kick out of them so we felt this would be fun and would avoid the need to spend money on a la cart foods which he may or may not eat. The buffet style seemed like a good way to go! We also studied the park map a bit to get a feel for what to expect at the park. I totally recommend planning your trip ahead of time to make sure you are prepared and to get the best possible experience!

The Park

We plugged in the address to Sesame Place into our GPS which took us right to the park without any issues. Upon arrival we were able to follow the signs for the preferred parking area which is on the same side of the street as the park. It had many parking spots that were shaded by trees which is what we opted for as we went on a very hot day. The woman who greeted us at the entrance to the parking area was very sweet and wished us a great day at the park.

We walked into the park and had our diaper bag searched. This staff member was also quite welcoming. We then handed our printed out tickets to the next staff member and entered the park. We knew we needed to go to a kiosk to get our magic queue cards, but were not sure where to locate this kiosk. We searched the map and could not find where to go. We ended up opting to go into the Welcome Center which is right at the front of the park and were able to get our queue cards there.

From there we went straight to the dry rides. While we did bring our "swim bag" as we call it, (we keep a large canvas bag in the back of the car that contains all of our bathing suits, towels, sunblock and swim diapers) we ended up deciding not to do the water rides this trip. Having the magic queue passes truly made our trip more enjoyable. We have a very impatient toddler and standing in lines would have been the death of us. We literally got right on every single ride without having to wait!

We also opted into having lunch with the characters. This was wonderful because not only was it buffet style which is great for picky eaters, but the characters each came to the table, some of them more than once. The joy on our toddler's face was worth every penny going to this lunch. We enjoyed ourselves very much. There was a shaded area at the entrance where you could leave your stroller which was great. Our only qualm was the characters approached our new baby and touched him. We immediately sanitized him, and appreciated the gesture of trying to include him however we were not pleased that the characters felt that it was okay to touch him. This was our only complaint about the trip.

While we did not use the bottle warming stations or the nursing mother's rooms, I was very pleased that these were available. I did intend on nursing while there but we were having so much fun I didn't want to miss anything.

We would have liked to see more dry rides but honestly, by the time we did the lunch and the dry rides our toddler was ready for a nap anyway and ended up heading home once he fell asleep. It worked out perfectly.

Overall Impression

We had a blast. My husband wanted to get home for dinner so we left much to my dismay. I was having such a wonderful time I didn't want to leave! Our toddler was napping and our newborn was pretty content so I was could have stayed all day until they closed! Next time I plan to go and stay longer. I also plan to go on a day that is not so hot. We also would want to do the water rides and pool areas. I think that would also be fun! We did not get to experience the parade or the shows, which I also would like to experience on our next trip. While the park was pretty expensive (we ended up spending $300+ on tickets, magic queue, parking and lunch), I think it was worth it with getting a second visit to the park for the price of the tickets. I don't think the preferred parking is necessary as the regular parking did not appear to be an issue. I do think the character lunch and Abby's magic queue were absolutely a must and we will definitely partake in those options for our next trip. Can't wait to go back!!!!!

Our Toddler at the Character Lunch

He was in love with the characters who also seemed to enjoy him! He tried to feed them with his fork which they happily entertained!
He was in love with the characters who also seemed to enjoy him! He tried to feed them with his fork which they happily entertained!


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