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Useful Products to Have When Hunting or Fishing in Northern Wisconsin

Updated on March 15, 2012

Enjoying Fishing on a Northern Wisconsin Lake

Fishing on northern Wisconsin lakes usually require a lot of patience, know how and good equipment.
Fishing on northern Wisconsin lakes usually require a lot of patience, know how and good equipment. | Source

Making Life Easier in the Great Outdoors in Northern Wisconin

There are plenty of recreation activities to do when venturing out into the great outdoors in northern Wisconsin. Whether its participating in wild game hunting, landing the water craft and going fishing, or jumping on the trail with an all-terrain vehicle, havng the proper equipment or gear will make life easier and more enjoyable.

Trying to drag that trophy buck out of the woods is always grueling and time-consuming. Trying to catch fish while trolling in the boat on a windy day is very challenging, and really no fun.

So, I have come across a couple unique items that I have found very useful and would like to share them with everyone.

Shooting a deer, bear or other large wild game animal is thrilling until you realize you have to some how have to get the animal out of the woods and into a vehicle. A product that really helps hunters to accomplish that feat is called the "Kill Shot Hunting Gear Game Cart".

It is lightweight (weighs only 30 lbs), has large solid rubber tires, can haul up to 500 pounds and requires no tools to assemble. The game cart is easily assembled with included wire spring pins, which amazes me.

For compact storage or transport, simply remove the wheels and side braces, and the deer cart folds up, secured with two buckle straps. The cart also Includes a one year warranty. I bought the game cart online from a company called Discount Ramps, located in West Bend, Wis. and paid only $69.99 plus $15 shipping and handling. The cart has gone through some rugged terrain, but has managed to stay together.

Going out on the lake this past fall to get some quality fishing done sounded like a relaxing idea at first. However, after 30 minutes of manuevering the boat to a fishing hole, the winds started to pick up and swirl. The winds made it more difficult to perform trolling with lures, as the boat never stayed put in the area of the fishing hole.

Now, a good definition of "boat control" can be defined as the location and speed of a trolled lure and is largely dependent on how you maneuver the boat that pulls it, and how you counteract elements that affect your speed and direction especially wind and current.

One way that I have solved the problem with boat control is by using a sea anchor. A sea anchor is a cone-shaped under water wind sock, similar to those at airports that detect changes in wind direction. Drift Control sea anchors aid boat control in two ways. First of all, they slow your drift in strong winds. Secondly, you can use them to fine-tune subtle boat maneuvers in rough seas or heavy current.

My fishing buddy, Kurt, bought a sea anchor awhile back from a manufacture named Canyon Fishing Products. We found out that it really does a great job preventing his boat from drifitng off course too far. A past trolling experience allowed us to catch some really nice fish in a short period of time, without having to struggle with the logistics of the boat.

Check back in the future for more unique and useful products and ideas that are made to make it easier while engaging in outdoor recreation activities in northern Wisconsin.

Your Favorite Recreation in Wisconsin

What is your favorite kind of outdoor recreation in Wisconsin?

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The Kill Shot Game Cart makes it easier for hunters to haul gear, tree stands, or their trophy deer in or out of the woods.
The Kill Shot Game Cart makes it easier for hunters to haul gear, tree stands, or their trophy deer in or out of the woods. | Source

Drift Control Sea Anchors Make Trolling Easier

Drift control anchors slow the drift of the boat in strong winds and makes trolling fishing more enjoyable.
Drift control anchors slow the drift of the boat in strong winds and makes trolling fishing more enjoyable. | Source

Trekkking the Outdoors in Northern Wisconsin


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