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Outdoor life

Updated on November 18, 2011

Hunting - Life

As someone who enjoys hunting quite a lot I love this time of year. Alright quite a lot might be an understatement. Whether it is the normal start of my hunting season with dove hunting or on into the year of pheasant hunting I just love it all. Now I do understand that there are plenty of people who choose not to enjoy the excitement of hunting and I will respect their choices but it is up to them to miss out on such great experiences.

As a kid I can recall time after time with my dad out in the woods enjoying the beauty around me. Sometimes today it seems that with everything going so fast we forget to take the time to connect with others and everything around us. All that is a different subject for another time though! Here are some thoughts to sell you on making the most of hunting that you can.

Have you ever thought of yourself going through the countryside with mountains as your backdrop doing some Colorado elk hunting? Or maybe moving through fields and doing some South Dakota pheasant hunting? How about setting up near a pond to try your hand at some goose hunting? There is just something about any of those that cannot be put into words. Some people may call it adrenaline or some just excitement but whatever you call it I can assure you that it is amazing!

Now for those that share different views on the subject of hunting please save the drama. I will never choose to bash your decisions as you should give thought to your opinions as well. Can you tell that I have heard my fair share of......well....blah blah blah about hunting?

So this is the whole point and thought to this rambling post - Take time to enjoy what is around you. I hope that this year will continue to be a great one for you!


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